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AHEA Board Statement on Exec. Director Resignation


On Monday Jul 18, 2022, the board of directors of AHEA unanimously made the difficult decision, after significant consideration, to accept the tendered resignation of its Executive Director, Shawna Sundal.

Shawna began her tenure with AHEA as a board member for a number of years, before agreeing to fill the position of Executive Director some 18 months ago. As a board member she brought skills and ability that helped reshape aspects of the organization, like the web site and finances to name a few, as well as serve as government liaison where she brought her professional approach and keen insight to bear. She also advocated strongly for the statement of faith, which would bring added protections and stability to the organization in the future. In her relatively short time as ED, Shawna has pioneered the position which saw her build on the role of government liaison, where she was able to work with the current government to bring about changes such as the Notification Only, No Funding option for homeschoolers, as well as advocate for special needs parents to access government programs and funding. All of this while AHEA worked hard to see its way through difficult and stressful times which kept conventions from happening and people from gathering.

The board wishes to thank Shawna for her investment in the homeschooling community at large, and the AHEA organization in particular. Shawna will be missed, and we wish her well in where the Lord would lead her next.

To our members, supporters and volunteers, please continue to keep AHEA in your prayers as we move forward from this point in the work of representing the needs of the homeschooling community in Alberta. Your support is truly appreciated, and we look forward to seeing you all at the 2023 AHEA Convention, July 6-8.

Peter Verhoog
Alberta Home Education Association

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