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Defining Home Education

There are many different approaches to home educating, and it’s not unusual for a home educating family to change their approach as they become more comfortable and experienced with home educating.

Home Education in Alberta Compared to School-at-Home

Home Education in Alberta (under the Home Education Regulation) Compared to Home-Based School Programs (under the Education Act)

It is important to know that there are two ways to homeschool in Alberta: parents may notify of their intent to home educate their children or they may register their children in a school program that takes place at home. In Alberta, the term “homeschoolers” can refer to families who homeschool by means of:

  • a parent-directed home education program that is operating and funded under the Home Education Regulation;
  • a teacher-directed home-based school program (including online programs) that is operating and funded under the Education Act and other associated regulations;
  • a “shared responsibility” program (formerly known as “blended”) consisting of both a parent-directed home education program and a teacher-directed home-based school program.