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[Editor’s Note: We are pleased to present this article from Portage College, which welcomes applications from homeschooled students who have followed a variety of routes for their high school education.]

Portage College combines quality with innovation and is considered a leader when it comes to providing students with a flexible, first-class educational experience. We offer a wide range of programs that will allow you to gain career related skills, knowledge and practical experience.

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Our students are our best ambassadors, and so we sat down with one of our alumni to ask her about her admission, classroom and student life experiences at Portage College.

J: Why did you choose Portage College?
L: A big part of what drew me to Portage College were the small class sizes. The class size allowed me to easily interact with my classmates and instructors for guidance and help. For me, taking the Practical Nurse program through Portage College was also a financially sound decision due to the great opportunities for bursaries and scholarships in addition to being a comparatively lower overall cost.

NAIT LogoA Polytechnic Made for You

by Meredith Allan, Rural Partnerships Coordinator NAIT

We all have a story and we have learned and experienced things in different ways and in different environments, making us unique individuals with the potential to do great things. At NAIT, we pride ourselves on providing educational opportunities that are as unique and driven as our students are. As a polytechnic institution, we deliver our programs a little differently than universities and colleges. At NAIT, we believe in the polytechnic power of success: technology- based education, a relationship with industry, ongoing applied research, and a hands-on learning environment. This model of education attracts students because by choosing NAIT, they can breathe easy knowing they are getting real value from our dynamic programs and a positive student experience that allows them to achieve success, their way.

Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute

CLBI: An Ideal Stepping Stone

By Jeremy Osterwalder - Program Director

“I chose CLBI because it offered the perfect combination of academics and discipleship. It was a place where I could learn more about the Bible, but it was also a place where I could be challenged, mentored, and encouraged in my walk with Christ,” stated Jessie Van Roessel, a former home educated student from Bow Island, Alberta.

Meeting the needs of the whole person (body, mind, and soul) is core to the educational philosophy at the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute (CLBI), and its programs rest on this foundation. Students ready to spread their wings and leave home for the first time find both safety and opportunities for growth in the Bible school located in Camrose, Alberta.

Concordia University of Edmonton

CUE appreciates the uniqueness of the home school environment and provides the following admission routes as a guideline. We also understand that your situation may be different so please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your admission circumstances.

CUE offers three direct-entry Bachelor Degree programs when they are finishing their Grade 12 year: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Management, and Bachelor of Science.

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