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AHEA's response to Bill 10

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December 1, 2014

Yesterday in the Alberta legislature, the government introduced Bill 10, a bill which will affect the education of all students in Alberta.

It is AHEA's position that, although no government bill is perfect, that this is a positive bill and one which home educators can support.

A quick summary. . .

  • Section 16, the diversity and respect clause of the Education Act passed in 2012, is NOT being changed under Bill 10 as was proposed under Bill 202.
  • The bill adds one line to the Alberta Bill of Rights stating parental rights, a line which mirrors the preamble to the Education Act. This line does strengthen the rights of all Alberta parents, although AHEA would prefer the word "informed" be removed.
  • The bill effectively moves one clause from the Alberta Human Rights Act to the new Education Act, which is where it should have been all along.
  • The bill respects the authority of local school boards to make local decisions on support groups and related policies. This local authority would have been usurped by Bill 202 but is respected under Bill 10.
  • The bill also strengthens current anti-bullying legislation, and it is AHEA's position that ALL students should be free from bullying for ANY reason. All students should receive support and acceptance and respect based on their whole person.

AHEA supports the passing of Bill 10

Paul van den Bosch
Alberta Home Education Association

Sun News Link with Paul van den Bosch

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