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Home School Philosophy - Classical Education

Do you know a Classical Education Home Schooler?  Are you thinking of adopting that philosophy in your home schooling?  Are you a Classical Home Educator?

I know Classical Education connects with many home educators.  As well it should - it is a structured, well laid out plan of learning.

Here are some links to find out more:

What is Classical Education?  That link includes the Three Laws of Learning, How We Learn, the Three Stages of Learning and more. 

Here are some articles to read:

A brief description of Classical Education, A Classical Approach to History, and Scheduling a Classical Approach to History.

As well as FAQ's of Classical Education, and More Articles on Classical Education.

I think the key to remember is that it is easy to get overwhelmed with Classical Education. It is a lot to do, esp. with a few children.  As a friend said, don't think you have to do everything suggested in The Well Trained Mind.  Pick and choose.  Start slowly.  Add in more when the learning foundation is going well.  Enjoy the educational journey with your children!


One of the BEST Support Group ideas I have ever heard!

Smile - I still haven't had time to type up the great ideas from the Support Group Session at AHEA (I might save them for August and have them ready and current for Support Group Leaders in the fall!), but I did just apply one of the ideas I heard about at that session.

One wonderful Support Group Leader shared that her Support Group had 3 email lists.  One for encouragement and sharing, one for activities and announcements, and one for sale items.

I loved the idea of the sale list (I like the others, too, but I just created a sale / give away list for our area today!)

I think Albertan Home Schoolers, with all the funding we have, sometimes have problems moving unused or unwanted curriculum.  Hopefully the list I created will help the home educators in our area.

If you are interested in seeing that list (for ideas on how to set up a similiar list in your area or even to join - if you are willing to pay postage), go to Share and Sell HS

Happy Home Schooling!{jcomments off}


Ever had to answer the question "What about Socialization"?

Smile.    When I first started home schooling, I didn't know what people meant when they said that question.  I can remember Gregg Harris saying that, and then following that question with, "If he had a dollar for each time he was asked that...."  smile  (Have you come to that conclusion yourself?)

I saw a MUST READ ARTICLE on a study of Socializaton of Home Schooled and Public Schooled Children with some interesting results.  Why not read it today?

It WILL encourage you (esp. the results of Dr. Brian Ray's study - also mentioned!){jcomments off}


Not sure about Home Schooling Your Children?

I just know that there are some parents out there *today* wondering about home schooling their children in the fall (or even *next week*).  But you wonder if you can do.  If you are patient enough.  If you can live on one income.  Perhaps you are wondering if you are smart enough, too?

You know why you want to bring your children home.  Perhaps because of academic struggles, bullying, or wanting to be with your children more....

Right now, I want to encourage you about home educating your children.  You can do this.  You can try it out for a few months or a year.  You can live on less money.  Yes, you are smart enough.  Yes, it is worth it all to home school your children. 

I saw this great article earlier today that made me think of this - God Doesn't Always Call the Most Equipped - Sometimes He just calls those who love their children and will do what it takes. 

For whatever question you have, God has an answer for it. 

Will Home Schooling be easy?  Perhaps not. 

Will it be worth it?  Definitely. 

If God is calling you to Home Educate your children, He will help you do it and equip you as you start out on this journey of home schooling your children.  Need more support?  Find a local Home School Support Group.  Need more information?  Read some books or do a search online on how to Home School.  Check out the Home School Boards , also known as Supervising Agencies and decide who you want to notify with for next year. 

It is an awfully big decision, but you are thinking about it for such good reasons - your children.  They are worth all the effort, sacrifices and time it will take, and Home Schooling is worth it!{jcomments off}


Support Group Leader - Stephanie Fehler from Hinton Shares!

I"m the support group leader for Hinton.
What works for us is the annual potlucks - we do one around Christmas usually, in the spring, and at the end of the school year.  Not all three every year, but a few every year.  This seems to work well for most families as it is a minimal commitment.   We all bring something to share, and meet in a church basement :) - We have a table to show projects/ student work/whatever they'd like.  Usually we have a little program, too, where little people can play their piano pieces or say a poem they memorized, if they want.
Challenges - we are a *very* small group, with the whole range of ages (toddlers to high schoolers), so co-ops haven't taken off.  What we've done instead is join community efforts - for instance, the children's choir has four homeschool *families* in it :)...  We also try to attend their performances in the arts festival...
I think in our community, people tend to be pretty self sufficient, so there is not a huge enthusiasm for the regular support group type thing, although we did have Saturday mornings at McDonald's for awhile - not hugely attended...  
We do have a facebook page (Hinton Home Educators) and a blog ( - and people do seem to use them, but not post much on them...
stephanie fehler in Hinton :){jcomments off}
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