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AHEA Membership Information

Thank you for considering an AHEA membership. This is a purchase that allows you to invest in AHEA as an organization, carrying individual rights and responsibilities with it. Membership should be considered if you wish to support and participate in the life of the organization to a greater degree than donating. Being a member of AHEA helps support the form and function of our organization, shows that you believe in what the organization is about and that you would like to have a say in what it does.

  • You are required to be at least 18 years of age.
  • You are required to be a resident of Alberta.
  • You are required to be either actively educating a 5-19 year old child or have previously home educated your child.
  • You will be required to read and indicate your agreement with the organization’s foundational positions and documents.

The cost of membership is $40.00 annually per person.
(Please note that a spouse requires their own individual membership and separate email address.)

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Get Involved

Members become eligible to have input and vote on motions brought forward during the AGM and Special Meetings. When you are a member of AHEA, you also may participate in the election of the Board, or become eligible to hold a position on the AHEA Board. These elections take place during the Annual General Meeting. Other opportunities for members are also available.

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Stay Informed

You will be added to our mailing list, and start receiving emails and our semi-monthly newsletter. This will help keep you informed about AHEA activities and perspectives as we work for the home educator – YOU!

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Build Community

AHEA strives to connect families and resources across the province. This helps to create an informed and supportive community driven by the home educating parents themselves. These are important, inspiring and helpful connections for you on your home education journey!

AHEA stands up and speaks up
for home educators in Alberta.

Our work of advocating, promoting and educating others about our community continues year round.
We have a proven record of working well with the Minister of Education and the Alberta Department of Education on policies and initiatives.

Please Note: We require the same information for both your initial membership purchase, and follow up membership renewals, and require you complete the following form.

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