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Are you looking forward to your Home School Support Group Meetings and Gatherings?

This isn't really what I want to blog about, but I have been having trouble this week getting items on the blog, so I will try this today. 

I just spent a considerable amount of time early this morning outlining all the upcoming events and gatherings for our local Home School Support Group.  We are just a small, rural group, but are pretty active in getting together formally and informally.

Some of the events we have planned are, of course, our Home School Support Gorup Meetings and weekly Home School Swims.  We also have a Home School Gym once a month.

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What is your Home School Manifesto (or Public Declaration of Your Home School Intention)?

I had to look up the definition of Manifesto -  a public declaration of your aim, intention or policy.

I saw this Home School Manifesto recently and I loved it.  What is your Home School Manifesto?  What are your Home School intentions for this fall?


Why Home School Teens?

Elizabeth Smith shares 10 reasons Why to Home School Teens.....

This article connected with me, because I have heard it said that even though we think we need to home educate our littles to reduce peer pressure, increase learning links and time, create more bonding time and so many other reasons - THOSE are the same reasons we need to home school our teens.  I think, personally, our teens need to be home more than we think....  It is more important (or just as important) to me, to have our older children home, as it is to have younger children home.


Support Group Leader - Marianne van der Ahe shares!

Hi all,

One of the highlights from the AHEA Convention 2011 for me, was the Support Group Session where a few different support group leaders shared about their groups and what worked for them.  Marianne was one of the ladies who shared and I am so thankful she took time to type up some notes and share them with us!  Enjoy!



Home School Christian Fellowship, Edmonton        


             Our group has been around since 1983.  We currently have about 60 member families, and usually get between 25-45 people at our monthly meetings.  We meet at a church once a month, with volunteers bringing snacks, making coffee, and setting up.  We have a sign-up sheet out at the first meeting of the year so people can sign up for these tasks and also volunteer to organize a meeting.  We usually have a speaker come, and also time for fellowship.  We have an “on-time draw” for a book to encourage people to arrive on time!


            We publish a membership list so we can find each other, and it also lists the children with their ages so families can find friends for their kids.  Field trips are organized and we have park days throughout the summer.  This past winter we had games afternoons as well.  We have a website where all this info is on the calendar (, a newsletter, and a Yahoo group to tell everybody about exciting stuff!  HSCF has an extensive library which is stored in folding bookcases at the church where we meet. 


            Some of our meetings are the same each year.  In December we have a Christmas program where kids and families can show their talents.  In March we have a used curriculum sale, so people can shop for used items before the Convention in Red Deer.  April is the Science and Heritage Fair.  May is the annual AGM (required since we are incorporated with Alberta Registries), and June is Track and Field!  We also have Graduation ceremonies for interested parents and graduates.  Events like the Christmas program and the Science Fair are wonderful opportunities for extended family members to come and see what home-educated kids can do!


            Because we are a registered society, we have an executive and Board, and have Board meetings twice per year.  We charge a $35 membership fee to cover costs of renting the church, honorariums for speakers, event costs, and additions to the library. 


            Some of our favourite meeting topics have been Learning Games (hands-on demonstrations of different games), Encouragement/Motivation, Panel of experienced home-schoolers (Q and A), Getting Started, Learning Styles/Character Differences, and Records and Portfolios.


            Over the years, we have also organized band, art classes, science classes, swimming lessons, and Toastmasters.


            I have been a member of this group for 19 years now, and it was a life-saver when I began home-educating.  Now it’s good to get together with friends who have been part of my life for a long time!

 Marianne van der Ahé

President, HSCF     {jcomments off}


Home School Philosophy - Classical Education

Do you know a Classical Education Home Schooler?  Are you thinking of adopting that philosophy in your home schooling?  Are you a Classical Home Educator?

I know Classical Education connects with many home educators.  As well it should - it is a structured, well laid out plan of learning.

Here are some links to find out more:

What is Classical Education?  That link includes the Three Laws of Learning, How We Learn, the Three Stages of Learning and more. 

Here are some articles to read:

A brief description of Classical Education, A Classical Approach to History, and Scheduling a Classical Approach to History.

As well as FAQ's of Classical Education, and More Articles on Classical Education.

I think the key to remember is that it is easy to get overwhelmed with Classical Education. It is a lot to do, esp. with a few children.  As a friend said, don't think you have to do everything suggested in The Well Trained Mind.  Pick and choose.  Start slowly.  Add in more when the learning foundation is going well.  Enjoy the educational journey with your children!

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