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Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day Today!

Yesterday, during church, they played a clip about Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a Dream" speech. Wow - it was so moving. (I didn't realize we would be in the States during Martin Luther King Jr Day - they are even having a parade in his honor today. BUT I did find this Letter From a Birmingham Jail that I want the girls to read today (or when we get back). How are you celebrating Martin Luther King Day today? Make sure to include real people and real events in your home school whenever possible. I want our girls to know the cost for freedom and not to take it for granted.{jcomments off}


Anyone have the January Blues?

Well, we had a very busy Christmas and while I am looking forward to the New Year, it is sometimes easy to get discouraged and blue in January or February.  I just read The Winter Blues on the Crosswalk site and thought she made several good points that would help at this time.

I also learned years ago to keep VERY busy in January and February.  It is a great time to go full speed ahead on home schooling our children AND even to accomplish some extra projects. 

If you are feeling a bit blue, why not check out the above link OR get busy home schooling, crafting, writing, sewing, baking, playing games  Smile - It'll get you through January and February AND before you know it, spring will be almost here!{jcomments off}


The Joy of Home Schooling our Children (AND Merry Christmas!)

Well, the countdown to Christmas has begun, although for many of us, Christmas (and celebrating our Savior) is a way of life. Home Educating our children is also a way of life for many of us.....

It's been years since Richard and I began home schooling our children AND embraced the home education life style. That decision actually changed our lives and the lives of our children. It was a *very good* decision and one that we have never regretted.

Sure - it is the path less traveled, but it has been totally worthwhile for our family. I can get a little emotional at times over all the good memories we have made, and the education we all have received. I am a different person (and mother) than I was before we started to home school. I have learned so many things in the last 20 years. AND I am totally thrilled that our graduated daughters (26 and 21) still love learning and continue their life education at this time. I am thrilled at the motivation to learn that our younger daughters (15 and 13) have as well. It really has been A WONDERFUL LIFE. (smile)

I saw a very simple blog this week that I would like to share with you. It has a lot of pictures and a short sentence under each picture, but I am still thinking about what she shared. It really spoke to me and I hope it speaks to you. Sometimes.....

And I will also take this time to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas. I always strive to remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season, and I hope in the midst of our busy December days, that He is the reason for the season for you, too.{jcomments off}


A Great Question! What Counts As Home Schooling?

A friend shared "What Counts As Home Schooling?" on an elist, earlier this morning and I loved it. My response was:

Loved this article! That is how we have lived and home schooled. I can remember when we brought our oldest daughter home and thinking that home schooling only counted when we sat down at the kitchen table with workbooks. Took about 6 months to realise nature walks counted, baking and measuring counted, writing letters counted and so much more.

I'm actually beginning to think discussions matter more than we think (especially WITH our big kids) AND I try to include them every day / week. I like having a paper trail, but a lot of the best home educating is paper free. smile (I still keep a record of a lot of our discussions - what we talked about, why, and some of the comments....)
I would also recommend checking out this link - Include Bible Study in Your Home Schooling - That isn't the name of it, BUT that is what I got out of it. SO many of us are home educating our kids AND praying that their spiritual lives and moral character are strong. Include the Bible in your home school. Bring your faith and Christian beliefs into every discussion and every subject. Make Christianity real. As we do this, our children will grow spiritually strong in their faith and in their academics. {jcomments off}

Have a Home School Plan that Works!

I love home schooling and think about it often each day. Smile

I am always looking for ideas and tips to make home educating work in our home. One of the best things that is working for us this fall is related to a workboxing idea I learned a few years ago. Basically, you want to break down any activity or project you want to do with your children into step by step goals. THEN have them do a *step* each day until the activity or project is done. (Kind of like eating an elephant one bite at a time. smile)

So, that is *Step* 1 for making this idea work.

Next, I made a chart for each child I was home educating this fall. I divided a page into 5 days and had 12 boxes under each day.

Then I filled in the chart for each child, with the main home schooling activities and extras I wanted them to do each day and week. *I put the activities and extras that we do together on each chart and highlighted them. *I also made sure to have a variety of activities each day - some we do together and some they each do independently.

Each girl has their chart in a page protector and marks off what is done each day with a dry erase marker. I also made a copy of each chart for me - a master copy *in case* one of the charts went missing. (AND one did already! smile)

You know, I have always had a plan for each day - but this chart helps each of our children ( I am only home educating two this year!) stay focused and motivated. They want to get done all of the items every day and work on their independent items as they wish. The chart also helps me stay focused and it is so easy to see what is done and what is left to do each day.

That is what is working for me this fall. Make sure your home school plan is working for you and yours!{jcomments off}

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