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The Importance of Teaching Our Children to Think AND ....

To Be Creative. I know that rates up high on my Home Education To Do List.

I just read a blog that encourages parents to do just that. She isn't a home schooling mom, but I think her thoughts fit in with home education very well. Why not take a look and think about it?

Teaching Our Kids to Think Outside the Box


NEW Home School Support Group Page AND Listings!

Well, earlier in January, I spent about 10 days phoning through a couple of Support Groups lists. I updated all the info I could AND asked Home School Support Group Leaders (and those who let their names stand as contacts) what their home school support group was doing well.

Our webmaster just added all the info - the Support Group Page has been under construction for a few weeks - and WOW, does it ever look good. Check it out here - Home School Support Groups.

The list has been updated to alphabetical by town or city. Click on the name to access how to contact that Support Group AND under the contact information is what each support group is doing or has to offer. There will be some additional info added - some groups missed the deadline for the AHEA Home Matters magazine - but their info will be added shortly to the website. As always, the most current information will be on the website.

If your info isn't there OR needs to be updated (OR you want to change what your Home School Support Group offers after looking at how other groups worded their information....) contact Terry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ENJOY looking through the listings AND pass the link onto home school friends and family!


Anyone have the winter blues?

Just found this great article Dealing with the Winter Blues - it happens sometimes. I know I learned a long time ago to just get busy in January and February AND just get a lot done. That is the best way for me to avoid the winter blues! I hope you are enjoying home schooling your children this month....{jcomments on}



Why Attend a Home School Support Group?

I was checking out some blogs today and found a great blog encouraging new AND veteran home schoolers to attend Support Group Meetings. It is definitely worth reading. Why Home School Support Groups Are Important (for Veterans and Newbies).

Not sure if you need to attend a Support Group Meeting anymore? Why not think about being a blessing to AND mentoring some new Home School moms?

I firmly believe support for home educating moms / families / children is important AND often we find it at our local Home School Support Group Meetings.

No support group where you live? Consider being the contact or leader for your area. Contact Terry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for tips or encouragement on how to do so AND to share (OR update) your contact information for the Home School Support Group Page.{jcomments off}


How to Start Home Schooling - 5 Basic Steps...

I was online today and found this treasure of a post that I thought I would share with you. How to Start Home Schooling in Five Basic Steps....

It is written for Americans, but I think easily fits Canadians, too. Home Schooling isn't hard - you can actually just decide to do it AND get to it. Some families like to plan ahead and get ready. Others just dive right in when their children are little. Any way you do it, make sure you notify with a Home School Board first BEFORE taking your child out of school - during the school year OR at the beginning of a school year in September.

Thinking of Home Schooling? Jump in - there is no better time to start educating your child / children at home!{jcomments off}