AHEA's Graduation Ceremony

Saturday | 5:15 PM | $100 per Graduate

We would like to invite you and your graduate to participate in AHEA's 2020 Graduation Ceremony. The ceremony will be complete with formal caps and gowns, special music, participation of AHEA Board Members, and a commencement address by a special guest speaker. We will also provide a personalized graduation certificate which you will sign and present to your student. Invitations will also be provided to you at no cost to send out to family and friends to attend the ceremony. After the ceremony, there will be a short reception with cake and punch for all to enjoy.


Men's Breakfast: “2ML (Second Mile Leadership For Men)"

with Steve Scheibner  |  Saturday  |  7:00-8:30AM  |  $20 per person

Join keynote speaker Steve Scheibner for an inspiring message. This is a special time exclusively for men. Enjoy a deluxe buffet of pork sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns served with tea, coffee and water.

2ML (Second Mile Leadership For Men) Second mile leaders are those counter-intuitive servants of God who earn the right to be heard by developing a consistent love of virtue, a disciplined approach to gratification, and a submissive love for the authority of God’s Word. Male leadership is essential to the success of marriages, families, the church, and society.

This session will teach men to Earn the Right To Be Heard, Prefer Proactivity, Reject Reactivity, Learn To Elevate Virtues Above Feelings, Build Moral Muscle, Seek Forgiveness, and Develop A Finisher’s Attitude. Powerful.

Pre-registration and payment required. Available during online registration. Breakfast may be canceled due to insufficient registration.

College & Career Event: “The Key to a Significant Life"

with Daniel Craig & Abigail Ardron  |  Friday | 6:00-7:30PM | Free If Registered for Convention

Were you Homeschooled? Are you 18 - 30 years old? Please join us for the first big College & Career event at AHEA, hosted by Abigail Ardron. We'll have a smashing time with an icebreaker and fun activities! Daniel Craig will be speaking to us on the important topic of living significant lives. Come and meet other adults your age!

This event is free to College & Career adults who have already registered online. New this year: College & Career adults can register for the convention independent of their parents. The registration price has also been reduced.

Family Group Dance

taught by Mike & Michele Barter  |  Friday | 6:30-7:30PM

Mike and Michele Barter are parents to 9 children and enjoy acreage living in the Lamont / Chipman area. Still in the trenches for some years to come (their youngest is 13), they find joy in working with home schooled families as facilitators and ballroom dance instructors.

You are invited to discover the joy in group dances. Instruction is provided on the spot for dances like the 7-step, Virginia Reel, Big Mountain Circle Dance, The Gypsy Scarf Dance, and The Willow Tree Dance. Steps will be called so your memory isn’t taxed and your mind can enjoy the dance.

Family Board Games Night

Friday | 7:30-9:00PM

Bring your own board game and enjoy a time of meeting others and having fun together.

Speakers, events, and schedule subject to change without notice.

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