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The 2019/20 AHEA Board

The 2019/20 AHEA board has selected a new executive and redistributed board duties.

The new executive is as follows:

  • President: Ted Tederoff
  • Vice-President: Shannon Tederoff
  • Secretary: Beth Wiens
  • Treasurer: Gary Wiens

Special board positions include:

  • Government Liaison: Shawna Sundal
  • Website Liaison: Nicole Noster
  • Support Group Liaisons: Ted Tederoff, Shannon Tederoff and Shawna Sundal
  • Convention Liaison: Shannon Tederoff

Member-at-large: Simon Noster

We look forward to our new board duties and responsibilities, and will work as a team to support each other in the demands of the year come. 


A New Day in Government

A New Day in Government

‚ÄčOn April 16th, 2019 the UCP government won a majority victory in Alberta. AHEA looks forward to knowing who the new Education Minister will be so that we can begin to build relationship and work together. Good news from the speech:

"The silent majority has spoken. . . not the loud and angry voices on social media. But average Albertans who simply spoke today. Those folks who simply want their common sense values reflected in their government. Who want high quality health, education and public services, but who understand that we need a vibrant public sector economy to help pay for those things. . . Albertans who believe in our great tradition of school choice because they understand that parents know better than politicians what's best for their kids."

Jason Kenney, Premier-designate
4/16/19, Victory Speech

Hands down - the winning point! Now let's see the policies that will reflect this. . .

If the 2014 Education Act is proclaimed as promised by the UCP, replacing the School Act we are currently operating under, we still need to be aware of the outstanding implications of the law contained therein. Please consider the latest article by John Carpay, titled "Battle over parental rights continues after Alberta election." The outstanding court cases are very relevant and important. We continue to encourage you to pray for the judges from the Alberta Court of Appeal that are currently deliberating on the Bill 24 Injunction, as well as the lawyers preparing for the Bill 24 case itself, which is anticipated at the end of the year if nothing changes.

Parental rights are very much still being debated in the public square, and we encourage you to be informed and engaged on this issue, as home education is directly related.


Extended Early Bird Pricing!


Due to a variety of reasons, the AHEA Convention is extending the Early Bird Deadline until March 15th 2019.

You can register online here.

Please remember that Graduation registration still ends on midnight of March 1st.  Registration for all Youth Labs closes March 15th.  Registration for the Children's Program closes April 1st.

We look forward to seeing you at the convention!


Merry Christmas from AHEA

 Christmas Greetings from AHEA!

One of my favorite verses is: Isaiah 9:6 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

This year has been a year of highs and lows for the Home School Community in Alberta.

Some of you are new to home schooling while others have home educated for a decade or two. Some of us have only one or two children, while others have many more children. Some home school with workbooks, others unschool, and still others are eclectic in their approach to educating their children. Some are doing well financially while others are struggling hard each month. Many of us are home schooling out of conviction while others are home schooling out of desperation.

This year has also had many uncertainties for home school families living in Alberta. Some of us are reeling from an unexpected death or work issues. Others have health, parenting or relationship issues. Life might have been tough this year, but you have continued home schooling your children at home. (May God bless your efforts!)

The one thing we all have in common is the love that we have for our children and the desire to educate them at home. AHEA continues to advocate for home schooling in Alberta AND defends your right to home educate your children in Alberta. AHEA will continue to do so in 2019.

I continue to pray that God will renew your strength and resolve to home educate your children day by day. I pray that each of us will do what we can and then leave the rest in the hands of Almighty God. I also pray that God will give you peace and joy in the home school journey. 

I continue to live in faith, not fear - and that is the best word I can give you for the days ahead of us!

Happy Home Schooling AND Merry Christmas from AHEA!


Bill 24 Injunction Appeal - Court and Continuing to Pray

Bill 24 Injunction

 Last Monday morning was our long awaited day in court for the Bill 24 Injunction Appeal at the highest court in Alberta. I appreciate that you may or may not have read my brief and quickly written report right after being in court. You may have seen some of the news reports, which I will include for your reference below as well. I realized that one of the things that people may be less familiar with is that being in the Court of Appeal has a different focus than an initial hearing. The focus of the case is typically to convince the panel of three justices that they have grounds to overturn the decision of the lower court judge. Thus, it is more of a technical argument than you would have heard at the lower court, although the Appellants had applied to introduce a significant amount of new evidence.

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