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AHEA Personal Membership Application

Thank you for considering an AHEA membership. This is a purchase that allows you to invest in AHEA as an organization, carrying individual rights and responsibilities. Membership should be considered if you are wanting to support and participate in the life of the organization to a greater degree.

Donations, aside from membership, allow you to support AHEA’s work in general, regardless of your personal belief, stance or involvement in home education. We encourage all home educators to consider a monthly donation so they can support the importance of their having a voice. As a provincial representative body, your voice is amplified through AHEA’s not-for-profit work throughout Alberta. Our advocacy and education work with the government and other organizations, as well as our convention, encouragement and information for support groups and families, drive our efforts throughout the year.

  • An AHEA membership costs $40 CAD + a 5% transaction fee and GST.
  • Memberships last for one year, from date of purchase.
  • Each member shall be entitled to a vote in all meetings that fall within their term of membership, contingent on it being uninterrupted and in good standing continuously a minimum of 60 days prior to a meeting.
  • A spouse requires an individual membership and will need to complete this application independently with a distinct email address.

    Membership Eligibility
    According to AHEA's Bylaws, in order to be eligible to become an AHEA Member you must match the criteria below.

    I am a home educating parent who: