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Post Secondary

Originally published in the Fall 2009 issue of the Home Matters magazine.

Spring 2009 saw our family celebrate some important milestones. Our two oldest children graduated from post-secondary institutions with four year Bachelor’s degrees. In April, our 23 year old son received a Bachelor of Arts (Four Year) in Music from Ambrose University College. In June, our 25 year old daughter received a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Calgary. Both were home educated from early childhood until they began college level studies, and both have done extremely well at college, earning scholarships along the way. Both plan to continue into further education. Our daughter will begin studies towards a Masters of Social Work degree, and our son plans to apply to law school.

We are delighted to see our earliest convictions proved correct. Our children were well-equipped in every way for their studies. They had the necessary skills and knowledge to benefit from the instruction in class, and the solid foundation of faith and theology that kept them from the pitfalls that can befall under-prepared Christian youth. We feel that we have been trailblazers at many points along this journey, and with another adult child still studying in college, and a ten year old still learning at home, we are not finished yet.

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