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Alberta Education Funding Update

On Thursday, May 29, Premier Rachel Notley and Education Minister David Eggen released a financial statement on funding for all Alberta schools, including private schools and home education.

Before the recent provincial election, home educators had been concerned that growth would not be funded (a particular concern among home educators as home education grew by over 8% from 2013/14 to the current school year).

The financial statement released on May 29 reversed the funding freeze planned by the previous PC government thus allowing Independent Contracted Home Education Specialists (ICHES) to continue to operate with consistency and provide choice to home educating families.

(For details on how this will affect your family's funding, please contact the school or school board with whom you are notified).

Although we don't know what this will mean for the future beyond 2015/16, this is good news for home educating families and, we hope and pray, the beginning of a fruitful relationship with the new government.

Further to the May 29 announcement, Education Minister David Eggen announced on June 2nd that the Education Act, passed in 2012 but never declared law, would need further review. This delay was expected and AHEA will continue to speak up for home educators and parental authority during this review.

It should be noted that the news article on Minister Eggen's June 2nd announcement included the following paragraph: "But Eggen said he has no intention of changing the current structure that sees education delivered through several models such as home-schooling, charter and private schools, as well as the public system."

AHEA thanks all home educators for speaking up during the recent provincial election campaign so that the concerns of home educators were clearly heard.

Paul van den Bosch
Alberta Home Education Association

A Change of Government, A Different Opportunity

Alberta has a new government, and this means a new kind of opportunity.

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A Change of Government,
A Different Opportunity

Alberta has a new government, and this means a new kind of opportunity. The previous government mindset no longer applies, and there is the possibility for new ideas and new approaches from home educators and from this new government.

AHEA is eager to have our new MLAs and government get to know home educators and to discover the focused care and attention that goes into the education of our children.

Change of Approach

The change in government corresponds with the necessity for a change in approach from home educators. Our job right now is to build a relationship with our new MLAs and develop a mutual understanding of home educators' desire for a quality education for our children. AHEA has always made it a priority to have home educators become familiar with their government representatives, and now, even more importantly, for government representatives to become familiar with home educating families.

Meet your MLA

AHEA is encouraging home educators to meet with their MLA within the next month. There is no political agenda or anything to request. This is a time of relationship building. It is important for MLAs to see the reality of what we do, and that reality comes in the form of your family.

Possible ways of approaching your meeting are:

  • a meet and welcoming meeting,
  • a home education project,
  • a 'get to know us' meeting.

Discussions with your MLA:

Your MLA is likely only vaguely familiar with home education and home educators. Let them know who you are.

  • Home educators are passionate about education. We believe in providing a quality education to our children that is tailored to and meets the educational needs of each child. We want the best education for our children.
  • Have your children ask questions of your MLA or discuss a project that they have been working on. Discussions with your children will bring a new light to home education for your MLA.
  • Share some of your achievements. Hearing the academic successes that are uniquely attained through home education will be valuable for your MLA.
  • Home education is proven successful. You could download research on Canadian home education from HSLDA to take to your MLA which shows the academic success of home education. http://www.hslda.ca/research
  • The December, 2014 draft Home Education Regulation is one that home educators would be happy with. We are not asking for anything more than what is in the draft.
  • The current funding model for home educators saves the government and Alberta taxpayers over $8400 per student. Times this by nearly 10 000 home education students equals a savings of $84 million each school year. The small amount of funding for home education students still provides provision for educational resource reimbursement to parents and pays for all the administrative costs required under the home education regulation.
  • We appreciate that our MLAs making the commitment to serve Albertans
  • Home School Legal Defence Association (HSLDA) has provided excellent information to home educators in their video update; What Homeschoolers Need to Know When Government Changes

Be cognisant of your MLA's precious time. Unless you are requested to stay longer, please stick to the time scheduled for your meeting.

Enjoy this new opportunity to form relationships and to build bridges with our new law makers.

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