Conversation with Education Minister Dirks

Oct 22, 2014

In a conversation this past week with Education Minister Dirks, Mr. Dirks stated his thoughts on education with AHEA’s Government Liaison, Patty Marler.

- Mr. Dirks has stated his strong belief in parental choice and options.

- Mr. Dirks agrees that Section 32 of the Education Act on parental rights is an important component.

- Mr. Dirks believes in a parents right to home educate.

- Mr. Dirks has stated that government exists to serve its citizens. 

A bio for Education Minister Dirks, is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_Dirks

Mr. Dirks indicated his desire to work with home educators and this first meeting was a positive one.

The outcome of Monday’s by-election will determine if there will be future meetings with Education Minister Dirks.

October 11, 2014 Update: Alberta Education Organization

Due to changes within the Alberta Government and the bureaucracy of Alberta Education, there has been no active movement on the Home Education Regulation.  AHEA continues to remain in contact with the Ministry of Education and active in bringing the regulation to their attention. 

Alberta Education Organizational Changes:

Education Minster:

Honourable Gordon Dirks has been appointed to the position of Education Minister.  His appointment is dependent upon him being elected in the Calgary-Elbow by-election, the date which has not yet been set.  Mr. Dirks is a strong believer in parental rights. 


Education Deputy Minister (Acting):

Mr. Gene Williams is the Acting Education Deputy Minister.  He was an Assistant Deputy Minister under Johnson/Bass administration in the division of System Excellence.

Education Act Regulatory Review Committee:

Members for the Education Act Regulatory Review Committee have not yet been appointed by the Government.  Honourable Maureen Kubinec, the new Minister of Culture and Tourism, is unlikely to continue on as the Chair of the Education Act Regulatory Review Committee.

Members for the committees are likely to be appointed soon and AHEA will be advised as soon as the appointments to the Education Act Regulatory Review Committee are made.

AHEA will pay Convention fees to the Home School Leadership Convention in Winnipeg - September 11-

AHEA members (and their spouses) interested in attending the HSLDA National Leadership Convention in Winnipeg from Sept 11-13, 2014 may have their convention fees paid for by AHEA. This is a wonderful opportunity.

For more information on the HSLDA National Leadership Convention and to view the impressive list of presenters go to: http://www.hslda.ca/cche/national_leadership_conference/2014

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to grow and benefit yourself, your spouse, your local support group, and home education in Alberta.

Limited scholarships are available to AHEA members, so please contact AHEA soon This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Scholorships will be issued according to the early bird - August 15 fee schedule.

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