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Why the Concern over the Alberta Human Rights Act?

Human rights are an issue which AHEA members take very seriously.   The tweet from Education Minister, Thomas Lukaszuk immediately following the March 5 peaceful rally "Attended a rally put on by some home schoolers who protest against human rights in education"  was disturbing. 
Provincial Human Rights Legislations have been studied at length and severely criticized by the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms.
According to the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms , and a study called “From Bad to Worse”, published in March 2011, Canadian Human Rights legislations have been described, at best, as being ‘bad’ as a result of their lack of procedural fairness and their violation of free speech rights.  Alberta has the second worst rating in Canada, for the fairness of its Human Rights Legislation according to the 6 page summary of the 49 page study
Carol Crosson, co-author of the research paper From Bad to Worse - Examining Restrictions on Speech and Procedural Fairness in Human Rights Legislation in fourteen Canadian Jurisdictions, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, appeared on the Rutherford show on March 21, 2012.  She discussed Human Rights Commissions and how they function, what they cover, areas of fairness, how complaints occur and how they are treated. She explained some of the weaknesses in the Alberta Human Rights Act, how it is enforced, and why as parents, our concern about our freedoms to express ourselves is a real and legitimate concern.
To listen to the interview, go to 10:00 a.m. on March 21st.  Skip ahead to 10:30 where the interview with Carol Crosson begins.
Finally, an extended column on Free Speech, posted by Brad Trost, describes clear examples of how Canada’s Human Rights Commmissions  ‘selectively oppress Canadians who hold small “c” conservative political or religious views.” 
This information should provides clear explanation as to why so many Albertans have insisted - and continue to insist - that the Alberta Human Rights Act NOT be enshrined within the Education Act.
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