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To all Alberta Home Educators and all Alberta parents

On October 25, 2016, Alberta Education announced the shutdown of Trinity Christian School and WISDOM Home Schooling.

At this time, AHEA reminds all home educators and parents of several things…

1 – Those displaced by this shutdown do not need to take any action right now. Keep home educating your children. You have at least a couple of weeks to notify with another private school or home education administration. Take this time. Don’t panic. Don’t make any hasty decisions. The education of your children is too important.

2 – AHEA is currently working with HSLDA to develop options for you to evaluate.This will take at least a few days so please be patient. We will post options for you here soon. This is a stressful time and there is no need to rush your decision.

3 – Remember that allegations against any home education provider are simply that: allegations. Trinity Christian School and WISDOM Home Schooling will no doubt defend themselves in this situation and the truth will come out.

4 – At this time, AHEA asks that you NOT contact government officials.We simply don’t have enough information to ask informed questions or to lobby for certain action.The time for such political action may come. We will certainly ask for your help with that when the time comes. In the meantime, should you choose to speak to your MLA or any government official, please be courteous and civil.

5 – Pray that God’s will is done in this entire situation. That’s a prayer for your own family, for all home educating families, and for home education in Alberta.

Again…. Please stay calm in this difficult situation.

Thank you and bless you,

The board of the Alberta Home Education Association

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