July 31, 2013

The Education Act Regulatory Review Committee has posted their public survey online for the public to respond to. At this point, AHEA has some questions regarding the one question on the survey regarding home education. We are currently working to have these questions answered.

The survey will be available on-line to respond to until the end of October. Your patience in awaiting the outcome our inquiries before responding to the survey is appreciated.

At this time, I ask you to seriously consider what should be in a home education regulation. How much control and influence should Alberta Education be legislated to have over your home education program? Should Non-Resident Boards be allowed to continue to administer home education programs?  What, if any, requirements should be placed on parents who choose to educate their own children? How does the current Home Education Regulation compare to the answers you have to these questions? (to view the current Home Education Regulation, click  Home Education s.29(3) ) As there is room on the home education survey question to provide 'other options' responses, these are important questions to reflect on and to be able to provide answers to when you do complete the home education component of the regulatory review survey.

Your patience is appreciated.