In response to the flood of letters and emails received by the Minister of Education, his office is now issuing letters thanking Albertans for contacting the office and restating the government's position on a new Education Act.
After reviewing these letters from the Minister, it should be clear to all AHEA members that the letters contain nothing new and that the PC party is still committed to identical legislation should their party win a majority in the upcoming election.
AHEA once again asks all home educators and all parents to carefully consider which party to vote for.
Information outlining the concerns with Bill 2:
Not simply a home education issue:
Please read the AHEA E-Alert from March 29th (below).


Lobbying Efforts Thus Far...But We’re Not Done Yet

The lobbying efforts of home educators have had an incredible impact, and
Bill 2 did not pass before an election call! The government refused to pass
two amendments: one to Section 16 which would have protected a parent’s
freedom of speech and religion, and one to the preamble which would have
recognized a parent’s paramount role in the education of their children. As a
result of the election call, Bill 2 died on the table.

This was no small feat. I was told by one MLA that there was no way the PC
majority government would not be able to pass this bill. Your lobbying efforts
have been effective and God has moved mountains!

A New Education
Act Will Be Back

We know that a new Education Act will be introduced after the election.
The contents will vary greatly, depending upon who forms this next

It is critical for you and others to know what was said and what went on
in the Legislature during the past weeks. It is our opinion that many
politicians revealed their stance on parental rights more by what they said
and did in the Legislature than by what they may be saying now, in order to
sway voters. Political posturing often occurs during an election, and we urge
people to look at the words spoken and the actions taken in the legislature before
the election call and compare those to the words spoken by the candidates while
they are campaigning.

What to Do Now

May we suggest taking two weeks to do an intensive unit study on
government, democracy and the political process? Read the below quotes from
the Alberta Hansard (a transcript of the debates in the Legislative Assembly)
and choose which party you would like to support. After you have chosen the
party you will support, volunteer for your local candidate and have your
children assist. I have been told that one person helping a candidate is
worth 200 votes. Share the conviction you have and multiply votes!!

A sample of quotes from the Hansard is provided, with links to the
corresponding party website.

Wildrose Rob Anderson pg 707:

"When it comes to competing rights, parents have the paramount
right and responsibility over deciding what education they will have their
children given and taught. That is something that we felt passionate about,
and we brought in amendments on that."

Wildrose Mr. Hinman Pg 714:

"The minister says: 'Oh, I’m not going to go into their homes.
I’m not going to intrude.' Well, he won’t need to. He’s handing it over to
the Human Rights Commission. They are the ones that are proactive, and there
are community activists who have an agenda, that want to force that on other
Albertans. Albertans have paid a high price for that. They’ve lost their
freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of congregation because the
human rights activists, the community activists, who don’t agree and who have
zero tolerance, though they preach tolerance, have abused the system. It’s a
kangaroo court at kindest."

To find your local Wildrose Candidate go here :

Progressive Conservative Mr. Lukaszuk Pg 712:

"It should be mentioned, Mr. Chairman, that bills 18 and 2 are
one and the same. It’s the same bill reintroduced. The only reason that the
number changed, as you well know, is that every time we reintroduce a bill,
it loses its placement order, and it just simply receives a different number.
It’s the same bill with a different number on the cover."

Progressive Conservative Mr. Hancock pg 717:

"Now, I don’t particularly like the word “tolerance.” I think
tolerance means putting up with people, and I think we should be embracing
people. We should be embracing the differences that we have in this province
and the fact that it’s a very cosmopolitan place. So we shouldn’t be trying
to scare people about the Human Rights Commission."

To find your local Progressive Conservative Candidate go here :

NDP Ms Notley: pg 526:

"I mean, there are very, very interesting issues that are brought
up in this when we talk about sort of the paramountcy of parental rights. I
wonder if it’s black and white. You know, I don’t know that the answer is
always black and white . . . ."

To find your local NDP Candidate go here :

Liberal Ms Blakeman pg 515 pg 531:

"In other words, I would say that when it comes to public
education, the citizenry as a group makes the decision about what’s in the
best interest of the child so that we have a consistent standard . . . "

Liberal Mr. Hehr, from his own website:

“. . . these exemptions are far too broad and could turn home
schooling into a breeding ground for intolerance and scientific ignorance.”

“. . . Furthermore, parents who choose homeschooling have to
differentiate between when they’re following the curriculum and when they’re
teaching their own beliefs. They can’t be merged.”

To find your local Liberal Candidate, go here :

For more quotes from the Hansard, you may go to or
the Alberta Hansard website at

Inform your neighbors, inform those around you, and be involved.  For
information to assist you, please go to

April 23, 2012 is
the day to make your vote count.

Finally continue to pray.  The work of our God has moved mountains.
May we continue to follow God’s lead and move in the direction He lays
out for us.

Patty Marler,

Government Liaison for the Alberta Home Education Association