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Monday's Bill 24 Injunction Appeal - Attend and/or Pray Please


​As many of you are aware, the marginalization of parental rights is an obvious result to Bill 24. The bill, now law, has been implemented by the current government, but they are facing resistance from a small band of brave individuals, schools and groups, which are practicing civil disobedience to this new law based on the fact that it breaks prior protections of parental rights, found in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, the Alberta Bill of Rights and the Alberta Family Law Act. The security of parental rights is important to those who home educate, as it is on this basis (as well as religious freedom) we claim our right to do so. The case slated to be heard sometime in 2019 will impact us all, but this appeal is critical as we need these steadfast schools to remain open to support the home education administrations that are attached to them. They are also a beacon for those in the faith community to stand in the face of wrong doing and of encouragement to act in righteousness, honoring God above man.

Monday morning, at the Calgary Court of Appeal, Jay Cameron and Marty Moore will be standing in the gap for us all. The Court of Appeal is the highest court in Alberta, and a panel of three justice will hear arguments about the validity of the lower court decision. People coming to hear the case are not only an encouragement to the legal team, offering support and prayer throughout the day, but you also demonstrate to the court the import of the decision and put a face to the concern.

Therefore, if you are interested and able to attend court on Monday, December 3rd, in Calgary:

  • Come to 2600, TransCanada Pipelines Tower, 450 - 1st St. S.W. Calgary, AB.
  • You should either plan to only attend for part of the day, or anticipate that it will run over lunch and perhaps finish mid-afternoon, so pay for parking accordingly.
  • You should plan to arrive early if you want to get a seat, as Courtroom 1 will open for first come seating at 8:30AM and you will have to get through security beforehand. The Courtroom is not large and will hold approx. 50-65 people, and will be closed after capacity is reached for the hearing.
  • Be prepared to 'keep your place in line', as the crowd outside the Medicine Hat courthouse was an active bunch weighted in favour of the other side, which left many caring parents outside to show their support. This time we'd like to see at least 65% friendlies in the courtroom, and need your help to get in there and show this support!!

Prayer Items:

  • Wisdom and quick thinking on the part of Jay and Marty, as they respond to questions to the justices during the hearing.
  • Wisdom and perception on behalf of the justices, as well as an open mind to fairly hear the whole case, setting aside preconceptions and prejudices.
  • Having done what we can, we ask that God's will be done. We are in His hands, and He has purpose in what is transpiring, refining us through these trials.

​If you have any questions, or want to let us know you are planning to go so we can encourage the JCCF team, please contact:

Shawna Sundal

(780) 446-6275 cell

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gov't Liaison

Alberta Home Education Association (AHEA)

Bill 24 Injunction Appeal - Court and Continuing t...
eAlert: Bill 24 Ramifications Continue Apace

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