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Home Education Regulation: Key components worth lobbying for

July 13, 2011

The current/2006 Home Education Regulation is the best regulation in Alberta since the original regulation in 1989. Pre 2006 and post 1989, the regulations were becoming more and more restrictive and limiting for home educators. Due to some very hard lobby work done by home educators, the 2006 Home Education Regulation was achieved.
There are several components to this regulation which are good and which are worth lobbying your MLA to keep.  They are:

  1. The ability to choose, deliver and evaluate your own program. These are essential to being able maintain the freedom to fully administrate your home schooling.
  2. Having the choice of school board with whom you notify of your intent to home educate. Specifically the ability to choose a non-resident board or accredited private school is extremely valuable.
  3. Having the freedom to decide whether or not your children write the Provincial Achievement Tests is an important option.
  4. The requirement to meet with a facilitator twice a year is good (compared to more mandatory meetings).
  5. Ultimately you are asking for nothing, and wanting nothing in terms of government control, restriction and money. Education Minister, Honourable Dave Hancock confirmed in a meeting with AHEA representatives in June 2011 that when more money is issued, more controls are implemented. Asking for more money is equivalent to requesting more government control.

Ultimately, we would like the current regulation reinstated. If changes should occur, we want any new regulation to incorporate these key points.

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