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eAlert: Bill 24 Ramifications Continue Apace

More Bill 24 ramifications occurred last week. The Alberta government is demanding that independent schools renounce their religious policies. Bill 24 was sold as enforcing certain types of clubs in schools. Now it's being used to restrict the religious basis on which many Alberta independent schools are formed.

We originally covered the impact of Bill 24 on July 19th, but have updated the article to include the current appeal on the Injunction so that you can share.

Please read the below articles to see where things have headed since then. You will see a call to action to contact, preferably by phone, the Minister of Education and your MLA about this infringement on parental and religious liberty. We add our voices to this call to action. Be polite but be firm in your correspondence. Also consider taking the extra effort to make a phone call or schedule an in person meeting as these have been shown to have the biggest impact.

Go here to find your MLA's contact information:

Here is Minister's Eggen's phone number:

And Premier Notley's phone number:

Here is UCP leader Jason Kenney's contact information:

Jason Kenney's phone number:

And MLA and UCP education critic Mark Smith's contact information:

Mark Smith's phone number:

Relevant Articles

"Alberta Government demands that independent schools renounce their religious policies"

"Aggressive attack' by Alberta Education threatens to destroy faith-based schools"

"Scrubbing Christ from Christian Schools"

"Alberta Education demands removal of references to Bible's infallibility"

"Alberta's NDP says Christian school cannot state that God's authority supersedes human authority"

"Canadian province demands faith-based schools purge religious content from policies"

Lastly, we've included the below article to show how it is the "brick and mortar" school you register with, and not the supervising authority / "board", that owns and manages policies that are affected and under attack by Bill 24. So if you wish to see the policies of the school you notify with as a home educator, you need to check on your "brick and mortar" school's website, not your "board's" website.

(When you've done your call to action and want to read an article from 2010, by Michael Farris, co-founder of HSLDA USA, that foretold what we are seeing, read this:


AHEA Government Liaison team

Monday's Bill 24 Injunction Appeal - Attend and/or...
Bill 24 Injunction: Judgement and Our Joint Future

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