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eAlert: The Ongoing Political Scene

To all AHEA members:
On Thursday October 4th, 2012, three members of the AHEA executive - Ted
Tederoff, Patty Marler, and Paul van den Bosch - met with Alberta Education
Minister Jeff Johnson at his office in the Legislature.
The meeting was cordial, however the Minister told us that no final
decision had been made at this time, on whether the Alberta Human Rights
Act would be referenced in the new Education Act. (which will likely be
one of the first pieces of legislation introduced when the Legislature begins
sitting October 23rd).
Since we therefore still do not know what that Education Act will contain,
AHEA asks that all members please consider the following actions:
  1. Please pray: for all
    politicians, for all home educators, and for God's will in all things.
  2. Make one more contact
    with your MLA to again make the point that the Human Rights Act
    undermines the fundamental rights and freedoms of all parents.
  3. if you know any
    "new Albertans" (or are in contact with groups that represent
    them) take the time to explain how this issue affects them. (The concern
    here is that some new Albertans are not aware of how human rights
    tribunals work and how they are threats to all parents).

One more note: Minister Johnson made it clear that AHEA
will be involved in all aspects of the upcoming review of the Home Education
Regulation. The Regulation will be reviewed (along with all other education
regulations) in the 18 months after the passing of a new Education Act.

Keep home schooling and keep praying!
From all of the members of the AHEA Board

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