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Be concerned! Be very concerned!

Hi all,

I haven't been blogging lately in an attempt to have Patty Marler's information top and foremost on the AHEA Home Page.  BUT I wanted to encourage you to be very concerned about Bill 2 and to do something!  There is only a short while before it is law.  CONTINUE to pray for God to change hearts of those in government, but as well, write, email or phone your MLA (and other MLA's in Alberta) - use the information on the Home page of the AHEA website and do something NOW. 

Please share this with friends, family and more - I know people who are sending the information to their entire email address books....  Bill 2 will affect Christian, Catholic, and Charter Schools - as well, as Home Educating families.  Perhaps you have never done anything like this before.  Go to the Political Update page (button above) or to the Home Page (button on left top) - print off a couple of sheets - read information with your children - highlight the relevant points - reread so you feel confident and then DO something.  Once a bill is law - it is harder to change.  Do something NOW.  This will afftect our children and our grandchildren - if we don't do something now.

AND it sounds like there might be another rally called for Monday.  Watch for that information and attend with your family.  There needs to be a huge gathering.

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