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Alberta’s Political Leaders Say if they will Remove Section 16 from the Education Act

April 21, 2012
The Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association has asked 3 direct questions of the Alberta Provincial Leaders.  Two of these questions relate directly to Bill 2, and apply to home educators.  The two home education related questions asked of each Alberta Political leader are:
“If your party forms the next government will  you reintroduce Bill 2 in its most current amended form...?”
“If Bill 2 is reintroduced, will your party remove section 16, pertaining to the Human Rights Code from the Bill?
In their responses, The Progressive Conservative Party, Alberta Party, and The New Democratic Party have all stated they would reintroduce Bill 2 and would keep section 16 in tact as
is. The Liberal Party has not responded.
The Wildrose Party states that section 16 will definitely not be part of a Wildrose Education Act.
YOU now have the opportunity to vote in the way we were calling MLA’s to vote.  A vote for a party in this election is a clear vote for or against including section 16 in the Education Act.
Have your say. On Monday, April 23 you may vote for or against including section 16 in the Education Act.
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