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(Please note that AHEA's Membership year is from April to April, starting at the end of the Convention. This means that your 2018 Membership is valid from April 15th, 2018, and ends on April 14th, 2019.)

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AHEA Membership is for anyone who is currently a home educator or is a home educator whose children have graduated. If you intend to home educate, or if you do not home educate, you may become an Associate Member. Associate Members are not eligible to sit on the board, or to vote at the AGM.

Full Membership: You are a full member of AHEA post-dated from April 8th, 2017, with voting privileges at the 2018 convention.

Associate Membership: Post-dated from April 8th, 2017, you are an associate member of AHEA without voting privileges.

Please note: Selecting this option ties a second add-on membership to your account. If your spouse would like to have his or her own individual account on our website, please select 'No', and have them purchase a membership separately.

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"Exposing a Trojan Horse" by the National Alliance of Christian Education Leadership

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