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Become an AHEA Member

In order to become an AHEA Member or Associate AHEA Member, please download and use our membership form.


AHEA Membership Application PDF Download

Download AHEA's Membership Application


Benefits of Membership:

  • Eligibility to participate in the election of the Board, or hold a position on the Board
  • Eligibility to have input and vote on motions brought forward during the AGM and Special Meetings
  • Receive the Home Matters Publication
  • Receive updates and E-Alerts to stay informed on key issues facing Home Educators in Alberta
  • Membership fees help support the work of the Association in the advocacy for Home Education and in keeping our families informed and engaged
  • Membership helps create a larger collective voice for advocacy

AHEA membership is for anyone who is currently a home educator or is a home educator whose children have graduated and who acknowledges the philosophy and the objectives of the Association.

If you intend to home educate, or you do not home educate, you may be an Associate Member. Associate members are not eligible to sit on the board or to vote at the AGM.

Please note that our membership year begins at the end of the upcoming convention and runs to the end of the following year’s convention so that voting privileges are effective at the following year’s AGM. If you are registering for the next convention, your convention fee includes an annual membership that BEGINS at the end of the upcoming convention and runs for a full year to the end of the next year’s convention.