Serving the Home Education community.

  • Began in the early 1990’s.
  • Initial concept was that home educated students would attend school part of the time to benefit from equipment, instruction, and options that were not available at home.
  • Created by school boards for two principle reasons:
    • Some families wanted a half-way position that would allow them keep control over a portion of student’s learning without the full responsibility of it all (and desired more access to funding per student.)
    • Some boards wanted an avenue to more directly influence the education of the students who were completely outside the system.
  • Development of Virtual Online courses allows access to options while still in the home.
  • Direct financial advantage to a board having students enrolled in blended program ( see funding information.)
  • This leads to boards more actively pursuing families, by advertising monetary benefits.
  • Majority of program is school-delivered, following the Alberta Program of Studies, therefore students are legally considered to be public school students (see % of program that must be delivered by an Alberta Certified Teacher in ‘Definition’.)
  • Complete information often not ‘given to’ or ‘explained to’ families leads to many who do not make decisions based on all the facts.
  • Alberta Education leaves it up to school boards to explain definition of options to families which does not happen.
  • Cases of families in blended programs being charged with truancy by their own boards and required to attend hearings of the provincial attendance board.
  • 2010, Misinformation continues to be prevalent throughout the home education community.


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