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Parental Rights in Perspective

- A Learn & Live Series by AHEA -

Living and learning after the fact can be costly. Knowledge is the power of choice, leading to action. Welcome to a premier series that is focused on raising the bar to equip parents on critical issues.

Join AHEA in 2022 as we explore critical perspectives around parental rights in special bi-monthly online sessions. It is time to be informed, empowered and connected.

  • Some parents are largely unaware that our rights are actively ‘in play’ or even undermined.
  • Apathy has allowed changes to your God-given parental rights over the last few decades.
  • This is an inalienable birthright, a prerequisite to responsibility, and a blessing to our children.
  • We believe that our responsibilities require us to see, and be free to make, appropriate choices for our children and families. It’s time for us to reclaim our parental rights!

These sessions, for anyone interested in parental rights,
should be a can’t miss priority this year.

We hope you will come to all the pre-recorded sessions, join us for the Q&A and finish informed and equipped!

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Session 3: Check Point

Session available on May 31st 2022

About the Session

Join AHEA in a discussion with Cameron Wilson about how political systems see and affect parental rights. In a world without borders, having context for what is happening around us is critical. We aspire to consider the ideologies that drive politics in a non-partisan way. Parents today, and yesterday, have been required to take measures to protect the interest of their families from the intrusions of the state. Understanding a historical perspective gives us the necessary framework to process and respond with actions that can ensure we are not helplessly swept along. We want to give you a vocabulary and a perspective that will help you make your own decisions about how to use your influence and your vote to protect your parental rights.

About Our Speaker

Cameron Wilson has a vested interest in politics that has seen him hone his observations over the years. He obtained his BA in History with a minor in Political Science from the University of Calgary. Cam’s passion has led him to work in the area of political influence, so he spends a lot of time thinking about political systems and our topic. He is currently is the Director of Political Action at the Wilberforce Project.

Session 2: Together Forever

About the Session

Join AHEA in a discussion with Marty Moore about how parental rights and children’s rights are complimentary, not in conflict. Others have tried to project a conflict, so parents and society today have been have been forced to wrestle with the question. But, is this really a question or is it an attack on the family as a whole – parents and children both? Children require, and have legal rights to receive, the care and protection of their parents. Parental rights harmoniously extend to protect the responsibility parents have to act for the good of their children. This session will provide you with essential understanding of the historical foundations, the legal context, and the fundamental nature of the parent/child relationship.

About Our Speaker

Marty Moore was called to the Bar in 2011 and has practiced law in the United States of America and Canada. With a background in home education, Marty went on to obtain his J.D. degree from Oak Brook College of Law and then obtained his Canadian legal equivalency from the University of Saskatchewan Collage of Law. He epitomizes his alma mater’s desired result. “Attorneys who not only rooted their understanding of the law in objective truth, but who approached their profession with humility, viewing their clients as people to serve, rather than cases to win, no matter the cost.” Marty currently is a staff lawyer with the Justice Centre, which is a registered charity dedicated to defending the constitutional rights of Canadians.

Session 1: Building Blocks with Stockwell Day

About the Session

Join AHEA in a discussion with the Hon. Stockwell Day about how the basic premise of parental rights is so critical. Even as there is lip-service given to the importance of the family, and its impact on the health of a society that respects it, we still see that this belief is only skin-deep for so many in our nation today. We will discuss how the God-given responsibilities of a parent cannot be properly addressed without being able to exercise the equally important rights that accompany the expectation. To best serve the interests of a diverse and flourishing society, a proper understanding of parental rights is central. We will talk about government involvement in family life.

About Our Speaker

The Hon. Stockwell Day’s background as politician and international activist for human rights and religious liberties gives him a perspective you will not want to miss. For over 25 years, Stockwell has worked tirelessly at the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government to advocate for Canadians and sought to represent the values and principles that were instilled in him from his grandparents, parents and his community: the hard-work, faith, and accountability to oneself and others. Read more about his work here. Together we will lay the groundwork for the Learn and Live series on Parental Rights – remembering that time-tested ways offer proven applications that bring enduring success.

Parental Rights in Perspective Sessions

  • January 2022

    Session 1 –Building Blocks

    – How Society Needs Parental Rights and Families

    with the Hon. Stockwell Day

  • March 2022

    Session 2 – Together For Good

    – The Harmony of Parental and Children’s Rights

    with Marty Moore

  • May 2022

    Session 3 – Check Point

    – How Political Systems See and Affect Parental Rights

    with Cameron Wilson

  • July 2022

    Session 4 – While We Were Sleeping

    – The Current State of Parental Rights

  • September 2022

    Session 5 – A Provincial Review

    – Parental Rights In Alberta and In Education Today

  • November 2022

    Session 6 – Compound Interest

    – How Parental Rights, Exercised Through Home Education, Impact Society

  • TBD 2022

    BONUS SESSION - Pied Piper

    – How Our Social Media Choices are Negating and Replacing Parental Rights