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Mary-Lou MacLean - AHEA Convention 2020 Speaker

Mary-Lou MacLean


Mary-Lou’s passion is helping struggling learners reach their full potential. For over twenty-five years, she has worked in the field of education, teaching high school, college and working as an educational therapist. Her second passion is training educators and parents to work with students that learn differently and thus, became an instructor with NILD Canada working in their summer graduate program. She is now Executive Director for NILD Canada (National Institute for Learning Development-Canada) and teaches at workshops, conferences and courses across Canada.

Scheduled Topics

Beyond Memorization

Saturday 9:50-10:50AM | Frontier

It’s one thing to teach facts. It’s another thing to have our students understand concepts, explain them and then defend their answers. This is the crux of higher-level thinking – to guide them to think outside of the box! How can we as educators and parents be intentional about developing these critical thinking skills in our children? In this workshop, Mary-Lou will share some educational tools for making this leap in your teaching.

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