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Convention 2021 - Exhibitors Area

Convention Date: June 3rd - 5th, 2021

Dear Exhibitor – AHEA does not sell attendee or exhibitor lists. Please ignore any and all offers to purchase one, as they are an attempt to defraud you. We’ve taken all the step we can to report it but we cannot stop them from contacting you or using our name. Feel free to reach out to your regular AHEA contact in order to verify communication is legitimate if you are concerned.

Info for Exhibitors

New Exhibitor Registrations: $94.50 + GST

  • We are excited to be hosting a brand new Virtual Exhibit Hall to showcase your businesses. It will be an exclusive Exhibit Hall “channel” on our virtual platform where ticket holder can come to learn more about your offerings. It will give each exhibitor the chance to have it’s own promo video, slideshow or exhibitor workshop for ticket holders to watch. This video can also contain any special promo(s) you want to offer to ticket holders. The video does not need to be fancy if you do not have professional skills to draw from. The past year, we all got very used to zoom talks and facebook videos so that is great. We have included some tips at the bottom to help you if you are a beginner to doing personal videos. If you already have pre-recorded or professional videos made, those can be submitted and you won’t need the tips.
  • In our online event, you will also have the ability to chat with your customers in a chat box. We recommend that you check in regularly during time speaker videos will be released to reply to customers who would like to converse with you directly.
  • As with the in person convention registrations, your business name and website will also be listed on the AHEA convention website. Additionally, your website or Facebook page can be listed under your video so ticket holders can go to see your products directly.
  • The firm deadline to register as an Exhibitor is May 15 but we highly recommend registering earlier.

  • Please submit either an ad graphic (jpeg) or a link to a video promoting your product or business to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will need these in at the very latest by May 15th but if they all come in at the end, we may not have time to load them so do not hesitate. We will need the video to be linked to an outside source (ex: your own website, youtube or facebook page, google drive, etc) as our host site does not store the content. It only allows for links to outside sources. Be sure to include any special promotion(s) you will offer to ticket holders during the convention availability window (June 3 - 30) in the graphic or video.
  • As we will be continuing the Buy It Here draw program to entice more customer purchases, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before May 15th to notify us of the prize offering you will provide if you plan to take part in this program. Buy It Here program details: For each $25 that any ticket holder purchases from any of the Exhibitors, they will be able to submit their receipt in an online form to be entered into the draw. Exhibitors may donate an item/service to the prizes and AHEA will be providing 2 x $100 Grand Prizes also. Draws will take place on July 5.
  • There will be some opportunities for convention sponsorship and extra advertising within the digital convention platform announced in the next couple days also. Stay tuned to your email for more details and be prepared to respond quickly.

Recording Tips & Tricks

  • First, hold your phone horizontally, not vertically.
  • Good sound is crucial: Good sound is more important than good pictures. If your sound’s no good, your presentation is going to be no good. So try and choose somewhere quiet – perhaps somewhere with carpet. And don’t be more than a few feet away from the mic (on your phone or computer.)
  • Lighting your face: Generally speaking, the more light you have, the better your image is going to be. The important thing is to light your face properly. windows are great, (Seriously, find a big window with indirect lighting and use it! ) but don’t put your back to the window because you’ll end up in a silhouette
  • Choose a nice background: Try and choose a nice background. Have a look around and try a few different ones. Generally speaking, clean and simple will always be better.

  • Framing your shot: Your eyes should be 2/3 of the way up the screen. Head and shoulders is just fine.
  • Make sure your phone or webcam is level with your face: Don’t look up, and don’t look down.
  • Look into lens, not screen! Look into the lens, not at the screen, so on my phone the lens is bottom left, and similarly, look at the webcam and not your computer screen.
  • Plan before you shoot. Plan what you’re going to say before you say it. Why not write a short script or at least bullet points of what you plan to say.
  • And remember to have fun!

Exhibitor Information Downloads

Convention Sponsor and Advertising opportunity information will be emailed to past exhibitors and those who registered already for this year’s convention.

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