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Sylvia Funk - AHEA Convention 2019 Speaker

Sylvia Funk


Sylvia Funk is a Neurodevelopmentalist and associate member of ICAN- an international group of Neurodevelopmentalists. Her personal experience as a parent of a learning challenged child led her to pursue a career in this field. As she saw her son improve in all areas of function as a result of a Neurodevelopmental program, Sylvia became convinced that this field needed to be made more available to struggling parents and she was determined to make this her life’s work. Her previous work experience as a Registered Nurse provided her with the necessary prerequisite to begin the involved 5-8 year training process to become fully certified in this holistic approach. PATHWAYS for NeuroEducational Development

Scheduled Topics

Unraveling Autism

Saturday 2:15-3:15PM | Trailblazer II (Upstairs)

To hear that your child has Autism or is on the Autistic Spectrum and then to see your child slip further into this illness as the gap between expectations and his ability to perform widens can be one of the most frightening experiences of your life. To not understand the strange sensory interpretations, social withdrawal, physical illnesses, cognitive delays or apparent behavioural displays is overwhelming and can place parents in an isolated and confusing place. ICAN Neurodevelopmentalists have worked with children on this spectrum for two decades and have helped many children and families overcome the impact of this illness.

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