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Teaching the Child You Have (Not the Child You Want Them to Be)

Saturday 12:50-1:50PM

Let's be real, we all walk into homeschooling with some sort of preconceived notion of what it will look like, and for most of us we are in for a rude awakening. Our first year we buy books based on what we like and we plan our days based on our schedules, without taking into account the complete curveball that is our child. How do they learn? How do they process? What is their rhythm and routine? What sets them off and what fills them up and gives them life? What are their interests? Every one of these questions can have a huge impact on our little bubbles of expectation and adding more kids into the mix can make it difficult to navigate through our days and find what will work. I'm here to help! In this session we'll talk about how we can understand our kids more fully and teach to who they are. We'll discuss how you can teach multiple different personalities and learning styles all together and find ways to tweak and adjust your curriculum to cater to each of your children's needs. You will walk out of this session inspired, refreshed, and with a new sense of purpose; armed with understanding and some practical solutions to try. Because THIS school year, my friend, is going to be different!


Rebecca Spooner - AHEA Speaker

Rebecca Spooner


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Location: Frontier Banquet Room

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