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How to Let Go of Public School Expectations

Saturday 9:50-10:50AM

Do you ever wonder if your kids are learning what they should be? Do you go to bed at night worrying that you might not be doing enough or that your child is behind? Do you feel that school should be taking a full 6 hours in order to be a "sufficient education"? Let's talk about it! Public school expectations have the potential and capacity to completely KILL our homeschool joy and success. They rob us of the ability to move at our child's pace or see the learning opportunities that happen outside of bookwork. They leave us checking off lists and fitting in lessons even if no one is enjoying them. We become trapped in a state of pressure rather than finding the homeschool freedom that so many people profess to achieve. Oftentimes we recognize these unrealistic expectations in ourselves. We want to change but we don't know how! This session will be talking about some of the expectations that we harbor, how they effect us and how we can break free of them and start making our homeschools the unique and fun journey we always imagined it would be!

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Rebecca Spooner - AHEA Speaker

Rebecca Spooner


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Location: Parkland Pavilion

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