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How to Homeschool, Work, and Manage Your Home

Friday 2:20-3:20PM

Whether you currently work or are considering a working opportunity, you might be wondering if it is possible to manage your home, homeschool AND your job responsibilities. For the past 3 years I've been trying to figure out the ever-elusive balance between these three full-time jobs and I have some realistic tips and tricks to help you reset your expectations and prioritize what really matters. I'm not going to lie and tell you there is some magic formula, each of these three jobs is hard enough on it's own! Blending them together WILL be stressful, it WILL be chaotic, it WILL be challenging, but that doesn't mean it's impossible! Let me show you some hacks to make you super efficient with your time and help you navigate the chaos into some semblance of order and routine. You CAN do this and I'm going to show you how!

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Rebecca Spooner - AHEA Speaker

Rebecca Spooner


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Location: Parkland Pavilion

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