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Gail Poffenroth - AHEA Convention 2019 Speaker

Gail Poffenroth


Gail and her husband of 38 years, Brian, have been part of the Alberta home schooling community since 1992. In addition to schooling their two daughters at home from grades 1-12, (graduating them without an Alberta diploma and seeing them complete undergraduate and graduate degrees from Canadian universities) Gail served as a home school facilitator for 15+ years where she provided many families with research based guidance on how to navigate high school using more traditional home schooling methods. Her involvement with Alberta home schoolers continues as Gail provides ongoing support to local home schooling moms as well as happily helping disciple all 5 of her delightful grandchildren!

Scheduled Topics

Homeschooling Through High School: Was it Really Worth It? Why Should We Consider It? How Can it be Done?

Saturday 8:30-9:30AM | Frontier (Upstairs)

The thought of homeschooling through high school often feels intimidating. In this session, Gail Poffenroth helps assuage the common fears, dispel the common myths, and address the common questions that come with this educational option. Using insights gleaned from her own experiences which she corroborates with wisdom from the Bible, Gail's presentation demonstrates why homeschooling through high school without pursuing a government diploma is not only possible but a powerfully prudent choice as well. She will describe multiple reasons why this approach was worth it, detail how to make your high school program practical, delineate a Biblical definition of success for you to aim for and dare you to examine the heart beneath your own educational goals as you hear about their experiences. Whether you are deep in the trenches right now or just considering taking the plunge, you are sure to find both the courage and confidence you need to embrace the wonderful opportunity of homeschooling through high school.

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