Art Show

All Weekend  |  $5 per Submitted Piece

Bring your artwork for inclusion in our Homeschool Art Show. Homeschool students who register for the Convention may bring one or two of their favourite works of art either to the Performing Arts Evening in the Parkland Pavilion from 7:00 to 9:00 PM on Thursday or to the registration desk by 11:00 AM on Friday morning.


Young Adults Pizza Social (Age 18+)

Friday, April 12th | 5:00-7:00PM | $2 - $5 Donation per Person

Welcome! Come join us for an ice breaker, activity, pizza supper and a chance to meet new people.

Pre-registration at the convention is required. Sign up at Registration table (in Salon A) by 2:00. Donation of $2 to $5 per person.

Music Competition

Thursday, April 11th | 7:00-9:00PM | $10 per Entry/Free for Audience

We will be hosting a Music Competition in the Parkland Pavilion on Thursday evening, in which you, your child, or your entire family can participate! The categories are:

  • Vocal: solos or small ensembles
  • Instrumentals (including piano, brass, woodwinds, and strings or any other instrument that we missed): solos or small ensembles


AHEA's Graduation Ceremony

Saturday, April 13th | 5:00-6:00PM | $75 per Graduate

We would like to invite you and your graduate to participate in AHEA's 2019 Graduation Ceremony. The ceremony will be complete with formal caps and gowns, special music, participation of AHEA Board Members, and a commencement address by a special guest speaker. We will also provide a personalized graduation certificate which you will sign and present to your student. Invitations will also be provided to you at no cost to send out to family and friends to attend the ceremony. After the ceremony, there will be a short reception with cake and punch for all to enjoy.


Chocolate with Encouragement for Moms: "It Can Be Easier Than You Think!"

with Kathy Snider  |  Friday, April 12th | 8:30-9:30PM | $10

Kathy loved her years as a Homeschooling Mom of four children and is now loving being a Homeschooling Grandma to six grandchildren! She and her husband Daryl started their homeschool journey 37 years ago with a one sentence goal or theme. It was: 'That our children would love to learn and learn to love.' Kathy is excited to share some tips and words of encouragement with you!

Pre-registration and payment required: $10

Breakfast For Dads: “Men: Clarifying Our Most Important Mission"

with Richard Snyder  |  Saturday, April 13th  |  7:00-8:00AM  |  $15 per person

It's common to get distracted with lesser important things; but in the end, what we've done in our own family will matter most. Let's help each other put first things first. Pre-registration and payment required: $15

Pre-registration is required (Dads only). Available during online registration.

Family Group Dances

taught by Mike & Michele Barter  |  Friday, April 12th | 7:30-8:30PM

You are invited to discover the joy in group dances. Instruction is provided on the spot for dances like the 7-step, Virginia Reel, Big Mountain Circle Dance, The Gypsy Scarf Dance, and The Willow Tree Dance. Steps will be called so your memory isn’t taxed and your mind can enjoy the dance.

Speakers, events, and schedule subject to change without notice.

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