One of the most enjoyable extras I have been enjoying lately is Pinterest.  It's an online bulletin board (or boards) filled with liinks and pictures to your favorite idea, blogs and sites.  Here is a link to the boards I am working on (WARNING - I am a mega pinner and speed read my way through a lot of links.  smile)  If you do decide to join, it is a good thing to first think about how much time you want to spend on it and to limit yourself.  SMILE

One of the boards I have is for Valentine's Day links

Some of my favorites would be:

Activities for Kids - Valentine Bookmarks, Celery Stamped Rose Valentines, Surprise Valentine Boxes, Mosaic Pictures, Color by Number Valentines, Paper Punch Owl, Love Bug Craft, Christian Valentine Card, and Cute Valentine Ideas.

Snacks - Valentine Hugs, Strawberry Milk in Sugar Lined Glasses, Valentine Popcorn,

Ideas for your spouse:  Valentine Idea #1, 14 Days of Valentines, 14 Love Notes,

Games and Family Activites :  Surprise Ball Valentine, Wall of Love, and more.

Have a great Valentine's Day together!{jcomments off}