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New ideas to keep little ones busy!

Smile - I continue looking for ideas to keep the 3 year old I babysit busy.  I enjoyed looking for things to buy that she would enjoy doing and am always working on extra activities that I have for her to do, while I home school our older girls.
I bought some dinosaur skeletons at the Dollar Store and buried them in the indoor sandbox yesterday. That kept her busy for a while.  I wish I had bought more of those!  (She loves dinosaurs)
I also bought Squinkies a few weeks ago - have looked at them for a few months.  They are pretty expensive to buy, but small and easy to store AND she really likes them.   They also are the *perfect* size for Polly Pocket Houses (I've got old Polly Pockets from our own girls and just about can't find the *people* to go with them, so finding out Squinkies work is great!)   I am packing different Squinkies with different houses - the dolls and houses easily fit in a big ziplock - so that makes two different activities. (I bought Ariel Squinkies and Barbie Squinkies. smile They even have Squinkies for Boys.)  These would also make great quiet toys for church.
By the way, I am always  very careful to say this is a *special* activity for you. I bought it for you and I hope you enjoy it. smile  I think it helps make the activities seem special.
The Dress Up Princess Bag is still a HIT. Rings, Crown, Sceptar, Beaded Necklaces and even a couple sunglasses can keep her busy for 20 minutes.  I want to add a hand mirror, but for now, she looks at herself in the hallway mirror.  (I am still looking for princess dress up shoes to add to it.)  smile
Not sure if I shared about the Pompoms and Megaphone. Bought those in November.  Smile - HUGE hit.
Again, I try to have quite a few bags (60+ I should count them - perhaps I am getting closer to 100). As long as she doesn't have any *one* of them too often, they keep her attention. 
(AND please note, it has taken me a few months to work up to 100 activities.  I knew it would make our home schooling work better, so it was a priority over the past 12 weeks.  I just thought about it, planned what I would make or buy on the weekend, and kept adding to my stash every week.  I have many excellent ideas pinned on Pinterest - here are ideas to keep 1 to 2 year olds busy, and ideas for 3 to 5 year olds.  I love the ideas that I already have what I need!  smile)
Anyway, those are my latest and greatest workboxes for littles.  I am finding they also work well for quiet toys in church.{jcomments off}
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