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Lots of Learning Resources for Little Ones!

Wow, there are so many good ideas here.  Tot Trays

Whether you do Workboxes, Tot Trays OR simply want to keep your little ones happy, occupied and learning, check out the above link.  There are so many easy ideas.

I loved the star cutting strips on Post 10.  As always, clothespins into a juice bottle or straws into a milk jug are great fine motor activities.

I LOVED the Stacking Clowns and Bug Making Play Dough idea on Post 8.

I LOVE the ThinkFun Puzzles and Games she mentioned.  I have several and kids love them.

I thought the Number cards and blocks to make towers - Post 7 - was a great idea.  Of course, knocking them down is the most fun.
I liked the colander and pipe cleaners on Post 5.   AND the Toothpicks into Styrofoam was cool - Post 4.   LOVE the sticker activity here, too.
Links into a bottle - good idea - Post 3  The Stack and Roll cups here look fun. 
I also Love the Color Bags here:  Super Tot School  I also liked sorting the Transportation Counters AND the sticker activity.  Smile  I wish I had these ideas when my girls were younger!
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Summer Fun - Educational Extras!


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