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Home Schooling with a Little One in the House (new tips)

I'm looking after a 3 year old this fall (AND home schooling our 12 and 14 year olds)and it is a never ending battle to keep her busy while we home school, but it is a battle I am winning. I've spent considerable time over the last 4 weeks - thinking about and gathering items to keep her busy.

I WISH I had done this w/ our youngest;(when she was little)- it has worked so well now, but perhaps I needed to be an experienced mom to do it. AND there weren't the ideas around that there are now. Amazing ideas online.

Anyway, I was surprised at a couple of things I tried that worked and thought I would share them with you.

I have about 50 bags (big ziplock bags) of activities and last weekend, I divided them into days of the week baskets - well, actually 4 baskets. I didn't have room for one more basket, and I left a lot of unused items on the shelf - probably 8 to 10 bags in a basket.

I have found she loves items that are new to her (I have to leave about 10 days inbetween doing activities, so they are new for her again). I should make a chart of all the activities I have, too. We'll see when I have that much time. (I am planning on putting the used activites in a big bin and then to just keep cycling through until I use everything.)

(I'm also taking a couple of little boys to church and they are needing the same kind of activities - just little educational activities to keep them busy and happy - 3 year olds can be very busy.... And littler ones even more busy!

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Lots of Learning Resources for Little Ones!

Wow, there are so many good ideas here.  Tot Trays

Whether you do Workboxes, Tot Trays OR simply want to keep your little ones happy, occupied and learning, check out the above link.  There are so many easy ideas.

I loved the star cutting strips on Post 10.  As always, clothespins into a juice bottle or straws into a milk jug are great fine motor activities.

I LOVED the Stacking Clowns and Bug Making Play Dough idea on Post 8.

I LOVE the ThinkFun Puzzles and Games she mentioned.  I have several and kids love them.

I thought the Number cards and blocks to make towers - Post 7 - was a great idea.  Of course, knocking them down is the most fun.
I liked the colander and pipe cleaners on Post 5.   AND the Toothpicks into Styrofoam was cool - Post 4.   LOVE the sticker activity here, too.
Links into a bottle - good idea - Post 3  The Stack and Roll cups here look fun. 
I also Love the Color Bags here:  Super Tot School  I also liked sorting the Transportation Counters AND the sticker activity.  Smile  I wish I had these ideas when my girls were younger!

Teaching the ABC's with Go Along Books!

Oh, I just love these sites.  I have no little ones in my house, but boy, do these sites make it easy to start home educating your little ones.

Letter of the Week - Tons of ideas here.  It has been around for years and the site has really grown.  All free!

Totally Tots - Wow, I love this site for little ones.  Excellent, excellent site.  Newer website with a lot of input from many moms.  Again, tons of ideas and all free.

Read to Me and ABC - This was new to me, but again I love it for little ones.  She says reading is so important and has linked books to each letter of the alphabet w/ activities.  Very good.

I think any of these would be great to use with teaching little ones their alphabet.  Why not check them out?


SO Many Tips on Teaching Little Ones to Read!

Saw this link last week and I think it is the best blog I have ever read on teaching little ones to read.  She shares so many good ideas - everything from a milk cap manipulative alphabet to so much more.

Why not check it out if you are teaching little ones to read?

Early Reading Strategies for Little Learners (subtitled: GIant Post on Teaching My Child with Down Syndrom How to Read)


Letter of the Week Website

Wow - this is seriously one of the best resources I have ever seen for teaching little ones.  Everything is there and you choose what you use with your little one.  Even though I have no young children now, I still have this site bookmarked so I can share it with new home educators. 

Letter of the Week

She has added Science and Country of the Week extras for Kindergarten, too.  That was neat to see.  As well, she has whole sections on how to prepare the young child to start reading.  Really good site.

Why not check it out?

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