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Why I Chose to Home School (Parents share)

*Another great thread from Facebook - with parents sharing! More reasons on the AHEA Facebook Page.
Why I Chose to Home School
*We are 2nd generation homeschoolers, biggest reason we chose to homeschool is because we were told to "train up a child in the way he should go" and I can't do that when handing my child over to other adults for 8 hrs a day.
*Our oldest daughter went to Kindergarten, because *everyone* did that. I had a friend who was HSing her children, but it was too odd for me to do. (smile) It took 3 months of Kindergarten for me to start seriously praying about HSing our daughter. She was academically ahead and doing well, but the playground behavior was an issue. I really missed her and she missed being home. HSing became a conviction for my husband and I that year. We decided to bring her home for Grade 1, and 20 years (and 3 more daughters) later, we are still home schooling. It was the ONE best decision my husband and I *ever* made for our family.

Ever had to answer the question "What about Socialization"?

Smile.    When I first started home schooling, I didn't know what people meant when they said that question.  I can remember Gregg Harris saying that, and then following that question with, "If he had a dollar for each time he was asked that...."  smile  (Have you come to that conclusion yourself?)

I saw a MUST READ ARTICLE on a study of Socializaton of Home Schooled and Public Schooled Children with some interesting results.  Why not read it today?

It WILL encourage you (esp. the results of Dr. Brian Ray's study - also mentioned!){jcomments off}


Not sure about Home Schooling Your Children?

I just know that there are some parents out there *today* wondering about home schooling their children in the fall (or even *next week*).  But you wonder if you can do.  If you are patient enough.  If you can live on one income.  Perhaps you are wondering if you are smart enough, too?

You know why you want to bring your children home.  Perhaps because of academic struggles, bullying, or wanting to be with your children more....

Right now, I want to encourage you about home educating your children.  You can do this.  You can try it out for a few months or a year.  You can live on less money.  Yes, you are smart enough.  Yes, it is worth it all to home school your children. 

I saw this great article earlier today that made me think of this - God Doesn't Always Call the Most Equipped - Sometimes He just calls those who love their children and will do what it takes. 

For whatever question you have, God has an answer for it. 

Will Home Schooling be easy?  Perhaps not. 

Will it be worth it?  Definitely. 

If God is calling you to Home Educate your children, He will help you do it and equip you as you start out on this journey of home schooling your children.  Need more support?  Find a local Home School Support Group.  Need more information?  Read some books or do a search online on how to Home School.  Check out the Home School Boards , also known as Supervising Agencies and decide who you want to notify with for next year. 

It is an awfully big decision, but you are thinking about it for such good reasons - your children.  They are worth all the effort, sacrifices and time it will take, and Home Schooling is worth it!{jcomments off}


Another Reason to Home School - Protect Your Children's Innocence

I forget about this reason sometimes, but someone reminded me of it the other day. 

We had gone to the Home School Swim in our area and I was visiting with another home schooler, while our kids were playing together.  I don't know her at all and it was interesting hearing how they home school their children.  She commented on the home schooled teenage girls in the pool and said they still have their innocence.  I said "Really?" and she said "Oh, Yes." and then she shared the below.

She shared about a friend of hers who doesn't homeschool and has a fourteen year old daughter in school.  That mom was sharing about some of their ongoing struggles amd had shared with the home school mom what her daughter asked her about the other day - which was a topic of discussion in her class that week.

I can't even tell you what the topic was here, but our mouths were open (after she shared) in shock and I was incredulous that would be a discussion with older teenagers OR adults, much less younger teenagers.  VERY inappropriate.  Very inappropriate. 

*By the way, we live in rural Alberta.  The small city that girl was going to school in, was a small city.  Not Edmonton.  Not Calgary.  Not even Red Deer.  We agreed that the easy internet access via phones and in homes has brought the filth of the world into homes.  None of our children have cell phones and it certainly is something to moniter if families do have them. 

AND we both agreed that we liked our children - even our younger and older teenagers - having that innocence about life. 

I know I hadn't thought about it lately, but it hit me pretty hard.  I love that others can see innocence in our kids.  I love that they aren't being exposed to inapporpriate thoughts / discussions / activities daily and that they have a purity about them. 

It's just one more reason to home school our children!{jcomments off}


In Praise of Home Schooled Children and Teens

(Wrote this a few years ago, but thought I would share it with you today!  The thoughts are still so relevant!)
Had an interesting meeting last night.  I was at a Bible Study and parenting teens came up just a bit.  Wow, the things those ladies shared.  The aching they do as their children go their own ways. 
No Home Schoolers in the bunch.  And no one really willing to hear a different way.
Now, believe me, my husband and I are not perfect parents.  I've shared a bit about my oldest daughter (who I love dearly and who I know loves me).   We have had our moments through the years and Home Schooling her through high school was really hard at times.
Having said that - I still have a relationship with her.  I still talk to her often, she comes home 3 out of 4 weekends usually, and we usually get along pretty well, unless she is here too long or is too tired.  smile
Wow - the ladies last night were really hurting over their older kids AND they don't have a relationship with them.
I think probably the hardest thing for parenting teens is avoiding the peer dependance and keeping a relationship with them. 
Home Schooling helps us in that area.  I know I have good relationships with all our children AND it probably has the most to do with the *quantity* of time we have spent together.
I was reminded of that last night and it sure supports our decision to Home School through High School.
AND I would remind you to keep working on having your child's heart.  I know I have my children's hearts.  Sure, we still have our moments when we have disagreements, but I know they want to do what makes us happy.  Peers have very little to play in their decisions.
How to keep your child's heart?  Well, that is the basis for a Teri Maxwell book - Keeping Our Children's Hearts.  You might want to buy it.  Basically it means to
me, making sure each child knows they are more important to you than anything.  Ahead of academics, ahead of others, ahead of other things....
And if you have a parenting issue, do you find out what's behind what they did?  Do you care about their heart or is it all about making you look good as a parent in front of others?  Do you show mercy when they don't deserve it?
Wow - huge topic. 
I know as I sit and talk to them and find out their heart, it has made a difference in our relationships.  Why not try talking to your children today?{jcomments off}
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