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What is your Home School Manifesto (or Public Declaration of Your Home School Intention)?

I had to look up the definition of Manifesto -  a public declaration of your aim, intention or policy.

I saw this Home School Manifesto recently and I loved it.  What is your Home School Manifesto?  What are your Home School intentions for this fall?


Home School Philosophy - Classical Education

Do you know a Classical Education Home Schooler?  Are you thinking of adopting that philosophy in your home schooling?  Are you a Classical Home Educator?

I know Classical Education connects with many home educators.  As well it should - it is a structured, well laid out plan of learning.

Here are some links to find out more:

What is Classical Education?  That link includes the Three Laws of Learning, How We Learn, the Three Stages of Learning and more. 

Here are some articles to read:

A brief description of Classical Education, A Classical Approach to History, and Scheduling a Classical Approach to History.

As well as FAQ's of Classical Education, and More Articles on Classical Education.

I think the key to remember is that it is easy to get overwhelmed with Classical Education. It is a lot to do, esp. with a few children.  As a friend said, don't think you have to do everything suggested in The Well Trained Mind.  Pick and choose.  Start slowly.  Add in more when the learning foundation is going well.  Enjoy the educational journey with your children!


Home School Philosophy - Unschooling

This was a surprise to me, when I first thought about blogging the Unschooling Home School Philosophy.  It's always been a hard philosphy for some people to understand, but the more you learn about it, the more you realise it could work for some families.  (I will say that a friend and I have discussed Unschooling a time or two and think that if a parent is unschooling *effectively*, they might work harder than other parents with other home school philosophies.)

Here are some links with definitions and information if you are interested in learning more:

Many questions can be answered by checking this website out:

This was an interesting essay to read:  Developing a Home School Philosohy - The Unschool Mambo

AND I absolutely LOVE this website:  Almost Unschoolers  She is such an amazing home educating mommy - and does so many fun, educational activities with her 4 children.   VERY inspiriing to read.  She shares here:  What About Gaps?

I'd encourage every Home Educator OR Home Educating wanna be, to spend some time thinking about Home School philosophies and which one (or mixture of two) suits your family the best.  The time you spend doing that IS very worthwhile!


What is your Home Education Philosophy?

Wow - this can be a huge question for new home schoolers.  But you know, it is one of those foundational ideas that you will base everything on - everything from the curriculum you pick, to HOW you home educate your children, to what you will expect when, and more.  I personally love Charlotte Mason and the Delight Directed Home School Philosophies.  They just connect so well with our children and I. 

I'm going to try and blog about the different philosophies in the next few months, including the best links I find along the way.  I hope they help you to figure out what Home Education Philosophy suits you and your family the best!

Here ia a link to an overview of the different Home School Philosophies - it would be a great place to start!

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