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Are you looking forward to your Home School Support Group Meetings and Gatherings?

This isn't really what I want to blog about, but I have been having trouble this week getting items on the blog, so I will try this today. 

I just spent a considerable amount of time early this morning outlining all the upcoming events and gatherings for our local Home School Support Group.  We are just a small, rural group, but are pretty active in getting together formally and informally.

Some of the events we have planned are, of course, our Home School Support Gorup Meetings and weekly Home School Swims.  We also have a Home School Gym once a month.

AND a Share and Sell elist for the Home Schoolers in our area.  It's sporadic posting, but individuals are moving unused curriculum and extras out of their homes.

I also encouraged individual members to consider hosting a field trip or class in their home.  There are so many educational extras, but one of the best things I think a Support Group Leader can do, is to encourage all to take part.  I only have so much energy and time.  No one can do everything, but all of us can do something.......

New this fall, is an online Google Calendar for everyone to use - all the information is at their fingertips and I am hoping it will cut down on families missing events - due to time or day changes.  Google Calendar is also working great for my personal life, too.  A friend showed me how to use it and it has become a wonderful tool!

I hope you are looking to the fall with some excitement in your veins...  I absolutely love home educating our children and getting together with home schoolers is a favorite activity of mine!

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