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A Random Acts of Kindness Challenge!

Hi all,

Saw this suggested online the other day and it connected with me.  I have always liked the Random Acts of Kindness idea, and this is an offshoot of it. 

The original idea is under Living the Dream - 100 Acts of Kindness honoring the memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

Then I saw it mentioned here - 100 Acts of Kindness - and thought it might be something to connect with my daughters and I.  You know, it is a very cold January with the usual letdown after Christmas.  We are all probably back to our regular home schooling schedule and what a great idea to include for the next month.   Help your children think of others - challenge them to do as many random acts of kindness as they can.  In their home, with friends and extended family AND for strangers around us.  It could be a really great start to the year.

I also read about this lady celebrating her 38th Birthday with 38 acts of kindness.  What a lovely idea that is!

We also read 1 Corinthians 13 today and talked about what love is and is not.  I'm going to keep talking about it and see if we all can get our eyes off ourselves and what we want (we are in the middle of a very busy, kinda stressful renovation project) and I think thinking of others for the next month or two could help us all get through it more positively. 

Anyway, why not check the links out?  Perhaps this idea will connect with you, too.  Happy Home Schooling!{jcomments off}

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