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The Kings University

by Craig Weston, Director of Enrolment Management and Registrar and Lindsay Berg, Admissions Counsellor and Communications Specialist

The mission of The King’s University is to “provide university education that inspires and equips learners to bring renewal and reconciliation to every walk of life as followers of Jesus Christ, the Servant- King.” At King’s, students gain nationally-recognized, fully-accredited degrees taught by professors who encourage and inspire students to serve others. Our classes are taught from a biblical perspective, and students from all faith backgrounds are welcome at King’s to pursue their academic passions.

Originally published in the Spring 2011 issue of the Home Matters magazine.

Traditional homeschoolers are encouraged to aspire to be their best and to use their reason. They study many subjects, among them Latin or Greek, speech making, logic and research. They are taught to be thorough, diligent, creative, fair and trustworthy, and to apply their gifts in all areas of their life. These skills and qualities are important in many jobs but one profession uses all of them – the legal profession. Yet homeschoolers tend to choose what might be termed ‘soft’ professions. They go into music, social work, secretarial, business, health, teaching or trade careers in great numbers but few have plans to be politicians, lawyers, doctors, university professors, architects or engineers.

Originally published in the Spring 2011 issue of the Home Matters magazine.

Toward the end of September 2007, at the age of 17 and in my senior year of high school, I started my college studies from home. As a homeschooler for my entire school career, I had no intention of completing a degree through the traditional means of attending lectures in a college classroom or spending four years or more on a college campus.

Now, 15 months, 84 credits, and under $13,000 later, I am well on my way to completing my BA in English and hope to be entirely finished by next summer, one year after graduating from high school. Through a cutting-edge approach to college, not only am I saving valuable time instead of spending it on unnecessarily long courses, but additionally, neither I nor my parents are spending exorbitant amounts of money or going into any debt whatsoever on account of my college education.

Originally published in the Fall 2010 issue of the Home Matters magazine.

Let me introduce myself. I have homeschooled my daughter Barbori for seven years. After having tried various schools during early elementary school years, I homeschooled through various options: traditional, blended for junior high, and back to traditional for high school. Due to family circumstances Barbori decided to do Grade 11 and 12 in one year. As she skipped grade 3, in 2008 she was entering university at age 16.

Barbori decided to apply for a fine arts program at UBCO which required a transcript and a portfolio. The portfolio called for the best twenty pieces of the applicant’s artwork with very few rules as to the kind, size or media. The transcript consisted of an assessment form prepared by our facilitator and a summary of marks prepared by me. We had an excellent high school guidance counselor at our school board and a very helpful, competent and friendly recruitment officer at UBCO. I was able to have both forms, complete with our school board’s seal, sent directly to UBCO. Our first experience with sending of high school documents was excellent – within a couple of days they were sent to UBCO and the application process was smoothly completed.

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