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by Meredith Allan, Rural Partnerships Coordinator NAIT

We all have a story and we have learned and experienced things in different ways and in different environments, making us unique individuals with the potential to do great things. At NAIT, we pride ourselves on providing educational opportunities that are as unique and driven as our students are. As a polytechnic institution, we deliver our programs a little differently than universities and colleges. At NAIT, we believe in the polytechnic power of success: technology- based education, a relationship with industry, ongoing applied research, and a hands-on learning environment. This model of education attracts students because by choosing NAIT, they can breathe easy knowing they are getting real value from our dynamic programs and a positive student experience that allows them to achieve success, their way.

During the planning and decision-making process, home educated students and their families can apply to NAIT through three alternative pathways if they do not obtain an official provincial transcript or high school credits.

Challenging Provincial Diploma Exams

The first option, although not always the most preferred, is challenging provincial diploma exams. Understanding that students have many options, challenging exams allows for multiple applications to other postsecondary institutions. Visit the Government of Alberta’s website for more detailed information.

RPL Equivalency Testing

The second option is Equivalency Testing through the department of Recognition of Prior Learning at NAIT. Offered for NAIT programs only, equivalency testing allows students to challenge provincial high school courses needed for admission requirements. It is advised that students prepare ahead of time prior to scheduling their test to ensure their outcome is successful. Successful completion of testing does not guarantee acceptance into any programs at NAIT. Visit for more details about this pathway.

Equivalency testing courses offered:

  • English 30-1 and 30-2
  • Math 20-1 and 30-1
  • Physics 20 and 30
  • Biology 20 and 30
  • Chemistry 20 and 30

Open Studies Programs

The third and final option at NAIT is through Open Studies. Open Studies provides students with the flexibility and ease to try out courses offered with no full commitment to the program, or needed admission requirements. Once successfully completed, students will meet the academic entrance requirements to apply into the full-time program.

Business Administration Program

Successful completion of 5 specific courses with an overall GPA of 1.7:

  • COMM1101 — Communications 1
  • ECON1110 — Microeconomics OR ECON1112 — Macroeconomics
  • FNCE1125 — Introduction to Finance
  • ACCT1115 — Introductory Accounting

Plus one of:

  • MGMT1120 — Principles of Management
  • MARK1130 — Introduction to Marketing
  • ORG1135 — Organizational Behaviour

Digital Media & IT

Successful completion of any 3 courses (or 9 credits)

Personal Fitness Trainer

Successful completion of 3 specific courses:

  • ANAT1120 — Human Anatomy
  • PFTR1121 — Foundations for Personal Trainers
  • PFTR1122 — Applied Movement Mechanics

Instrumentation Engineering Technology

Successful completion of the following specific courses with a minimum GPA 2.0:

  • CHEM1133 — Industrial Chemistry
  • INST1110 — Process Measurements 1
  • ELEC1130 — Electrical 1
  • MATH1155 — Technical Mathematics and Calculus
  • PHYS1160 — Physics for Instrumentation


  1. All course credits earned through Open Studies will be used towards applicable credentials.
  2. The tuition cap does not apply to Open Studies courses. Please visit the individual program web pages and the Open Studies page at for more information.

Open Your Classroom to Self-Discovery

When choosing a postsecondary institution, it is important to incorporate educational and career-oriented discussions into the classroom. Directing the conversation can bring ease to students and their families when trying to find their best ‘fit’ for a program. In utilizing all resources and services on- and off -campus, students can make an informed decision about their future. At NAIT, our Student Services Centre is a one-stop shop for students, offering front-line registrarial payments and full-scope advising services. It is always encouraged for students to book an appointment with one of our friendly career and financial advisors prior to applying. Students and families can also participate in multiple on-campus events through the Department of Student Recruitment and Events. From Open House to Program Previews, Campus Visits and Student-for-a-Day, these visits make your experience at NAIT more personalized as you transition into postsecondary studies.

Visit to learn more about how you can get involved with Student Recruitment.

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