Home Education Regulation Working Committee Meeting Summary

Nov. 30, 2013

The Home Education Regulation Working Committee (HERWC) meeting on Nov.27 went well.

I identified serious concerns with the survey results analysis and gross inaccuracies with calculations. Home educator survey responses in the form of 'other' had not been included when completing the calculations. I was later advised that these corrections had been passed along to the 3rd party contractor and other committees. I anticipate corrective measures and measurements will be taken.

A summary of the survey results (with anticipated corrective changes) will be on-line presently, as will the raw data (devoid of identifying markers). Individuals are encouraged to conduct their own analysis, and should other inconsistencies be identified, please advise AHEA as soon as possible.

There was a push for formal evaluation methods, not for the purpose of student enhancement, but for individual student success monitoring. AHEA continued to stand against systematic and mandated evaluation of home educating students, and the survey responses clearly support AHEA's stand. AHEA spoke boldly against the use of assessment results as a means for terminating home education programs.

The conversation and desire to shut down congregate sites or insist that they become private schools was again voiced. This topic continues to be the center of discussion amongst other stakeholders. There was a reminder to those promoting this thought that delegation does not mean parental abdication of responsibility.

Recommendations from tht various stakeholders in education are being passed onto Maureen Kubinec, MLA chair of the Education Act Regulatory Review Committee (EARRC) this week. AHEA is preparing its own final recommendation document that will also be submitted. It will then be the responsibility of the EARRC to make recommendations for the Home Education Regulation to Education Minister Johnson. Minister Johnson has the final say as to what is put in the regulation.

Reminder to home educators: It is important for those involved with these sites - and to ALL home educators - to be visiting their MLAs to renew and strengthen a positive relationship.

Another HERWC meeting was tentatively scheduled for January 10, 2014.

AHEA Convention Special Announcement

Dear AHEA Members,

It is with great regret that we must inform you that due to personal issues, our keynote speaker for 2014, Mr. Doug Philips has recently resigned from his position at Vision Forum Ministries cancelling all of his engagements, and also dissolving the ministry itself. We would encourage you to pray for the Philips family in this time of need. 
Vision Forum has been a beacon on a hill in a society of sin and have brought multitudes of families back to the basics of Biblical Christianity through their ministry for many years. A reminder for us to pray for those in positions of leadership (including the AHEA board). That we will always be aware of the attack, to be vigilant or as it is said, "be wise as a serpent and as innocent as a dove”.
We know how excited many of you were, but fear not, for everything happens for a reason. The board has been diligently reviewing possible replacements and are very pleased to announce that Norm and Alma Wakefield will be our new keynotes for 2014. 
Norm is the founder and executive director of The Spirit of Elijah Ministries, International. He and his wife, Alma, live in Bulverde, TX, and have four children (three married), who are walking with Jesus, and sixteen grandchildren. They began homeschooling in 1984 and are still involved in the homeschooling of their grandchildren. Norm has been a keynote and conference speaker at state and international homeschool conventions since 1992. God has given him a pastor/teacher's heart to teach how the gospel applies to all relationships and circumstances in life. His knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Scriptures coupled with his homeschool experience enables him to specifically speak to the many challenges homeschool parents, children, and young adults face on a daily basis. What makes Norm unique is that he speaks from his heart to the hearts of his listeners with a reliance upon the Spirit and presence of Jesus Christ. You'll find his messages biblical, practical, inspirational, and encouraging.
Alma draws from her experiences as an elementary education major, teacher, mother, pastor’s wife, and 30 years of home education to encourage moms in their relationships with their children. She began homeschooling her four children since 1984 and has helped teach nine of her seventeen grandchildren. Having a special needs daughter, Amanda (now 30 years old), with Down’s Syndrome, has also given her experience teaching children with special needs. You’ll be encouraged by Alma’s love for God, her family, and her practical, biblical insight into relationships and home education.
Please check out their site at www.spiritofelijah.com
AHEA will post a new convention brochure on the website, also we will send out a new convention brochure to all of our members on the HOME Matters mailing list shortly.                               
Hope to see you all at the convention!
Chris Rogers,
President, AHEA

Quick links for the Home Education Regulation

To make the process of providing input and locating information regarding the Home Education Regulation easier, I will provide some 'quick links' here.

Regulatory Review Online Survey: http://ideas.education.alberta.ca/engage/current-initiatives/educationactregulatoryreview/

To sign up for one of the Regulation Review Consultation Meetings: http://www.timewiseevents.com/rrc/

Written submissions may be sent to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Information on AHEA's recommendations for the regulation and the online survey



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