AHEA Convention 2016

The 30th Anniversary Convention (April 2016)
just keeps getting bigger and better!

We now have three keynote speakers: Andrew Pudewa (founder & director of Institute for Excellence in Writing), Linda Lacour Hobar (author of the Mystery of History), and John Carpay (founder and president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms).

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Canadian Human Rights Act: Repeal of Hate Speech Section

July 13, 2013

A fabulous day in Canadian Legislation!  On June 26, 2013, Bill 304 which repeals the hate speech section of the Canadian Human Rights Act, received Royal Assent and is now Canadian Law! This revoking of the hate speech section is a great step forward in freedom of speech legislation.

The section which has been revoked is similar to the section Albertans, with Albertan home educators leading the way, were fighting against having incorporated into the Education Act in March, 2012.   We were successful in stopping this, but it would be a positive step in Alberta's freedom of speech to have the hate speech section of Alberta Human Rights Act revoked (for outline of concerns with the Alberta Human Rights Act, see http://aheaonline.com/index.php/political-updates/321-one-page-information-sheet )

True hate crimes need to be punished in a court of law, not a by tribunal which does not follow the same procedures and philosophies as a court of law.

 Brian Storseth, Alberta MP from Westlock-St. Paul tabled the private member's bill and provides more information on his website:  http://www.brianstorseth.ca/mp/upload/files/30/docs/PressReleases2011/11-10-17%20Bill%20C-304%20Backgrounder.pdf

Praise God for what He has done!

AHEA Continues to Advocate for Home Educators

April 22, 2013

Over past several weeks, AHEA has been in meetings with both the Minister of Education and Alberta Education Bureaucrats in order to advocate on behalf of all Alberta home educators, and to advocate for quick resolution of some specific issues. These meetings seem to have been very fruitful. As a result and as far as we know, Alberta Education has now resolved the conflicts with Alberta Home Education Contractors.

AHEA will be very involved in the ongoing review of the Home Education Regulation in order to protect the long-term rights and freedoms of all Alberta parents.

Recommended Movie by an Albertan Home Schooling Family!

“Remember” - A Must-Watch Film produced by Alberta Homeschooling Family
Recently, more than one homeschool family has taken up storytelling through film, in order to have a godly influence on our culture. One powerful example is the film Remember, made by the Lammiman family in Airdrie. Remember warns of increasing government encroachment into the God given jurisdictions of the family.

Lee Duigon of The Chalcedon Foundation wrote,
"Remember outclasses many a Hollywood production. . . The story is compelling; the acting is professional in quality, even without a single big name in the cast; the camera-work is superb; the music is just right - and, best of all, Remember is artistically daring and full of surprises.
". . . Fulfilling a dream as old as Plato, the state has finally abolished the family. Children are given up at birth and raised by the government. Their parents' awareness that they've even had these children is wiped out by (a drug called) MemRelief. But Remember has a Christian message, so the story has much more to offer than just a visit to a dreary future.”

If you want a thought provoking, discussion starting Christian film to share with your family, this film is it. Remember was a feature finalist at San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, was named Best International Narrative Feature at the San Diego Christian Film Festival and won a Platinum Pixie Award from the American Pixel Academy for it’s visual effects. You can view a trailer and order at www.TheRememberMovie.com. Enter the code “homeschooler” at checkout for limited time free shipping. It is also available from Vision Forum at http://tinyurl.com/vfRem.

Submitted by Greg Lammiman, MovieMakers.ca
Check out our award winning feature film at http://www.theremembermovie.com

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