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July 31, 2013

The Education Act Regulatory Review Committee has posted their public survey online for the public to respond to. At this point, AHEA has some questions regarding the one question on the survey regarding home education. We are currently working to have these questions answered.

The survey will be available on-line to respond to until the end of October. Your patience in awaiting the outcome our inquiries before responding to the survey is appreciated.

At this time, I ask you to seriously consider what should be in a home education regulation. How much control and influence should Alberta Education be legislated to have over your home education program? Should Non-Resident Boards be allowed to continue to administer home education programs?  What, if any, requirements should be placed on parents who choose to educate their own children? How does the current Home Education Regulation compare to the answers you have to these questions? (to view the current Home Education Regulation, click  Home Education s.29(3) ) As there is room on the home education survey question to provide 'other options' responses, these are important questions to reflect on and to be able to provide answers to when you do complete the home education component of the regulatory review survey.

Your patience is appreciated.

Should I join the Home School Legal Defense Association?

Another question asked recently on the AHEA Facebook Page. I share the below comments because AHEA strongly recommends becoming a HSLDA member.

Question: Should I join the Home School Legal Defense Association?


*There are different thoughts about HSLDA. AHEA strongly recommends signing up with HSLDA and I personally recommend it. Yes, HSing is legal in Alberta, but some Home Schoolers have difficult family or neighbors. Certain school boards can be an issue, too. You have to be signed up with them BEFORE an issue happens, too.Try it for the preschool year and call them when you have questions....*Also the money we pay, helps HSLDA defend Home Schoolers in other provinces. I know families that support that, too. *AND there are discounts if you are with certain HS boards - check before you notify with a board. *AND you can make payments over a couple months if you want....

*In addition to free resources for Preschool students there are 2 other certain benefits that I know of. Membership includes an insurance benefit for you & your student, so if you plan or attend a HS event (you'd have to check policy for specifics) you have personal liability coverage. Also, we know of "well meaning" individuals here in AB even (in one particular case it was with parents of children with broad spectrum autism, where the local school principal (because they pulled their child from public school in gr eight) a nurse at dr office, & social worker filed complaints of parents failing to provide proper care & education. The parents had to go to family court to prove to social services that they were properly parenting, socializing & caring for their children. Because they were HSLDA members they didn't incur extra legal fees for this. I'm sure this is an extreme case, and it may rarely happen here, the trend for government is to errode parental rights, and I understand even bothersome neighbours can cause problems that HSLDA can help with. For us, its a small price to pay for peace of mind.

*I joined to be on the safe side. The government is increasingly becoming more involved in our children's lives and less concerned about the family life. The concept of "it takes a village to raise a child" has become so overdone! Families are losing rights to raise their children in the way they want and even teaching our children our religious beliefs has become a serious issue. Central and Eastern Canada has more issues with homeschooling, and although Alberta is the best place to be to homeschool, it could change quickly. I am happy with them and plan to continue my membership!

*I am the Government Liaison for AHEA and I can tell you that without the assistance of HSLDA, my duties would be very difficult to fulfill. On countless occasions, HSLDA has provided advice and assistance on legal wording and suggestions. With a mandate of prevention, HSLDA works closely with provincial organizations to help reduce the possibility of difficulties for home education families. HSLDA provides expertise, with knowledge of home education in all provinces and territories in Canada as well as the USA, an annual leadership convention that trains home education leaders across Canada, and assistance to individuals across the country. In addition, they provide international awareness in the home education arena.

*HSLDA is at the for front...battling to have and keep homeschooling in Alberta where it is at. We don't have a clue most of the time what the government is even talking about. As we stay home with our children and homeschool them, HSLDA is at the battle front! Thank you HSLDA!!

*I choose to be a member, not because I think anything will happen, but because I like that they will have my back if something does!

Canadian Human Rights Act: Repeal of Hate Speech Section

July 13, 2013

A fabulous day in Canadian Legislation!  On June 26, 2013, Bill 304 which repeals the hate speech section of the Canadian Human Rights Act, received Royal Assent and is now Canadian Law! This revoking of the hate speech section is a great step forward in freedom of speech legislation.

The section which has been revoked is similar to the section Albertans, with Albertan home educators leading the way, were fighting against having incorporated into the Education Act in March, 2012.   We were successful in stopping this, but it would be a positive step in Alberta's freedom of speech to have the hate speech section of Alberta Human Rights Act revoked (for outline of concerns with the Alberta Human Rights Act, see http://aheaonline.com/index.php/political-updates/321-one-page-information-sheet )

True hate crimes need to be punished in a court of law, not a by tribunal which does not follow the same procedures and philosophies as a court of law.

 Brian Storseth, Alberta MP from Westlock-St. Paul tabled the private member's bill and provides more information on his website:  http://www.brianstorseth.ca/mp/upload/files/30/docs/PressReleases2011/11-10-17%20Bill%20C-304%20Backgrounder.pdf

Praise God for what He has done!

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