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Merry Christmas from AHEA

To all AHEA members, to all home educators, to all Alberta parents:

As you probably already know, the Alberta Home Education Association has been active during the last few weeks reminding our politicians - and others - of the importance of parental authority in education.

Parental authority is of key importance because children's interests are best served in the context of a family.

Quite simply, parents are the primary guides of their children.

So as we guide our children through their lives, we come once again to Christmas, a time to step back from the busy-ness and remember what is truly important: our families and our faith.

At this time of year, with 2014 coming to a close, we look to a new beginning - a birth, the birth of a baby at Christmas - and we feel again the hope and joy and the knowledge that we are on the right path.

Merry Christmas to you and your family from the AHEA family - the board, the convention team, and all our volunteers.

Keynote Speakers Update

Meet AHEA's New Keynote Speakers:

reb bev bradley

Reb & Bev Bradley

In more than 35 years of ministry Reb Bradley has served as a pastor, church-planter, pastoral instructor, radio counselor and talkshow host. Drawing from his mistakes as well as his successes, he works diligently as a writer and conference speaker to strengthen the Christian family, conducting seminars internationally on issues related to marriage, child training, and manhood. He is most noted for his best-selling book "CHILD TRAINING TIPS: What I wish I knew when my children were young." Reb and his wife, Beverly, have six grown children and increasing numbers of grandchildren.

Beverly, Reb's wife and mother of 6 grown children, disciples wives and mothers according to Titus 2:4-5. She is a powerful communicator, and a popular keynote speaker at women's gatherings. Committed to teaching the Word of God without compromise, she speaks with sensitivity, humor, and biblical wisdom in addressing issues related to motherhood, marriage, and homeschooling. Her frank, transparent style leaves her listeners challenged, yet hopeful in their walks with Christ. Many, in fact, have described Bev's ministry as "absolutely life-changing.”


Solving the Crisis in Homeschooling (Reb)

Peace for the Angry,Hostile,"Stressed Out" Home School Mom(Reb) 

For Men: Reading the Mind of Your Home School Wife(Reb)  

The 10 Things I Wish I had Known When I Began Homeschooling(Bev)

It’s Not Supposed to be this Hard!(Bev)






Premier Prentice: Proposing a new bill related to education

November 27, 2014


Premier Prentice has announced in a press conference at 1 pm Thursday November 27 that he will be proposing new legislation which he states will assure the rights and freedoms of all people. This new legislation will be posted once it is available.

Quote from today's Press conference:

Sadly, however intended, the current Alberta Liberal bill to legislate gay-straight alliances has forced elected MLAs into a position of pitting all of those beliefs — which their constituents share — against one another.

“Bill 202 asks us to cast aside our constituents’ beliefs in parental rights (and) in the autonomy of school boards to support GSAs. It’s unfair to us and to those whom we represent.

“This is too important an issue to be reduced to a political game. When faced with such an unfair and unbalanced approach, I believe it is the job of a premier and the job of a government to show leadership and to build consensus, because rights need to be advanced, because children need to be protected, because parents need to be reassured and because school boards need to be respected.”

Premier Jim Prentice, November 27, 2014

Information on the new bill included in this news article:http://www.edmontonsun.com/2014/11/27/proposed-pc-bill-10-in-reaction-to-bill-202-on-gay-straight-alliances-draws-criticism-in-alberta-legislature

Premier Prentice's Press Conference on the new bill which will be tabled in the coming week(s):



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